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World Cup Quarterfinals Day Two Open Thread

It's the second day of the quarterfinals and the last CONCACAF team in the tournament, Costa Rica, is set to play the Netherlands at 4PM. But before that, Argentina and Belgium square off at noon.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

After yesterday's wins by Germany and Brazil, one half of the semi-finals are set. The other pairing will be finalized today with Argentina-Belgium and Costa Rica-Netherlands.

The big news was perhaps not Brazil's win over James Rodriguez and Colombia yesterday, but the fact that Neymar will miss the remainder of the tournament with a fractured vertebrae. Germany slogged through a 1-0 win over France thanks to a Mats Hummels goal in the first half.

Today's games feature two interesting match-ups. Both Argentina and Belgium haven't exactly lit up their opponents on the way to the quarterfinals. Both teams needed extra time to advance over Switzerland and the United States respectively. Meanwhile, Costa Rica appears to once again be out-matched against the Netherlands, but we pretty much said that about every group game they played and the Ticos are still hanging around. Pretty sure everyone in CONCACAF is pulling for them today.


Just going to assume that Steve, like many of us, are still recovering from celebrating America's birthday yesterday. I thought yesterday's games would be the better day of soccer, but I'll still give today three beers out of five. Since we can't drink Belgium beer for obvious reasons and we're all should be rooting for Costa Rica, if you're local watering hole or store has anything from Costa Rica, I'd recommend that. Vamos Ticos.

Kickoff is seconds away so feel free to join in the comments section below.