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2014 World Cup: France vs. Nigeria, Germany vs. Algeria Round of 16 Day Three Open Thread

Today's Games: France takes on Nigeria at noon ET, while Germany faces upstart Algeria at 4 PM ET.

Julian Finney

Yesterday was such a good day. Not only did the Greeks FINALLY go out thanks to our plucky Central American rivals (seriously, I don't care how much you don't like Los Ticos because CONCACAF, this run they're on is just magical), but El Tri is OUT and Miguel Herrera can eat his heart out! I'm STILL sorry that Panama didn't get in over them. Go home, Marquez. Go home.

Talk about today's games in the comments.

Today's Games

France vs. Nigeria, noon ET - Les Bleus haven't been exactly rampant since their first match, but they still look like the stronger side in this match. The Super Eagles squeaked into the knockouts and just have not looked at all like they could be competitive here. The only thing exciting about this is the prospect of Karim Benzema lighting up another weaker opponent.

Germany vs. Algeria, 4 PM ET - this match just has so much history. For those who don't know, Algeria got screwed by Germany back in the 1982 World Cup when they had a genuine chance to advance. I would venture to guess that, no matter how outmatched they may be, the Fennec Foxes are very excited for this. Die Mannschaft will probably roll through this, but if Algeria can play like they did in the last two matches especially, it should get real interesting.

Steve's Drinking Scale

Get crazy for Germany vs. Algeria. It will make the intensity even more enjoyable. Otherwise, save your strength, for tomorrow WE DINE UPON THE FLESH OF BELGIANS. Today's a four out of five beers.