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2014 World Cup: England vs. Costa Rica, Italy vs. Uruguay, Greece vs. Ivory Coast, Colombia vs. Japan Day 13 Open Thread

Today's Games: England vs. Costa Rica and Italy vs. Uruguay kick off at noon ET, with Greece vs. Ivory Coast and Colombia vs. Japan rounding out the day at 4 PM ET.

Matthias Hangst

Yesterday's games were pretty fun overall, right? We had a curtain call on one of the best national team dynasties in history, the Oranje asserted their dominance, and Group A shook out pretty much exactly the way we thought it would. There were goals, though, and entertainment, and David Villa went out on top before he joins New York City FC next season.

Discuss today's games in the comments section.

Today's Games

England vs. Costa Rica, noon ET - England's already out, so let's all point and laugh at the Three Lions. Costa Rica, meanwhile, is guaranteed to be in, and looks likely to top the group. Let's all...well, I guess we should congratulate our rivals from the south, because they've been clear Cinderellas here and have played their tails off. I think this game will be fun to watch. Either Los Ticos will pick the English apart in comical fashion, or England will take this opportunity to play with a freedom they're rarely afforded and just beat the tar out of Costa Rica. Joel Campbell will flop.

Italy vs. Uruguay, noon ET - This game is really interesting. Italy needs a draw or win to get to the knockout stages, while Uruguay must beat Italy to advance. Both teams have had one pretty strong game and one game where they got beat by Costa Rica. Handily, I might add. Super Mario Balotelli and Luis Suarez will duke it out trying to be the group's best strikers, and really it should be a spectacle. This isn't your Dad's Italy, sitting deep and constantly defending with no real attacking impetus. They're a touch more fluid thanks to Pirlo. And Uruguay...Uruguay can't afford not to attack. Should be another barn-burner.

Greece vs. Ivory Coast, 4 PM ET - This is Cote d'Ivoire's best chance of advancing out of a group stage with their "Golden Generation" is upon them. Plus, I mean, they're playing Greece. Greece is terrible. Greece has been terrible throughout this tournament. And the Ivory Coast should be able to get a goal here and hold on for a win. Greece...well, if the Greeks do something vaguely interesting, this match will be a success for them.

Colombia vs. Japan, 4 PM ET - Los Cafeteros have already qualified, but they've been entertaining and that should be helpful against Japan, who have been only mildly more entertaining than Greece. Japan should be playing their tails off since they have a shot at advancing if Ivory Coast doesn't get it done. Keisuke Honda and Shinji Kagawa haven't really had great tournaments, or at least not as good as you know they're capable, so perhaps we'll see some fireworks.

Steve's Drinking Scale

Are you seriously not still hungover from Sunday? You animals. Today's an easy-drinking day for World Cup play. I say three out of five beers.

Where Do I Watch?

Going to say again, LiveSoccerTV is your friend. ESPN and ESPN2 have the games on national TV.