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2014 World Cup Day Ten Open Thread

Three games on tap, Argentina-Iran, Germany-Ghana and Bosnia-Nigeria and you don't even have to change the channel all day. Just settle in and watch a lot of soccer.

Phil Walter

Well, the two Group F games might not be all that good, unless Argentina and/or Bosnia-Herzegovina manage to screw something up. But that other Group G game between Germany and Ghana is really important for the United States, so you should absolutely be watching that game.

Argentina and Iran kick off at noon, followed by Germany-Ghana at 3PM and finally Bosnia-Nigeria at 6PM. All the games will be on ESPN so you don't even have to change the channel, just listen to Taylor Twellman and rest of the Worldwide Leader's all-star cast of talking heads break down all the action.


Unknown, but if he were here he'd probably offer up a much better German beer selection than Beck's, which I'm not terribly fond of myself. I will offer up the warning that tomorrow is USA-Portugal and you all should pace yourselves and wait to go crazy during that game. Giving your liver an easier day today could help a lot of you tomorrow, pace yourselves. I'll give today a 3 of 5 beer rating, deducting a point from each of the Group F games which I'm just hoping will be interesting in the second half.

Follow along with us as we await the kickoff for Argentina and Iran next.