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Jerry Bengston and Co. blanked by France 3-0

Following a strong qualifying campaign, Honduras fell to France 3-0 in their first game of the World Cup. New England Revolution Striker Jerry Bengston had a frustrating night as he couldn't inspire his squad to find the net.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

A dynamic and rock-solid France side proved to be too much for Jerry Bengtson & Co. as Honduras were completely neutralized 3-0. Bengston never got a clear chance to showcase his skill set as he was removed from the game in the 46th Minute. When he was on the field, Bengtson saw very few touches and had one shot that was easily blocked by the Real Madrid center half Raphael Varane.

However, for a player who seems to only get involved if he is getting service, it came as no surprise that he was invisible in the first half. France successfully cut off the supply lines and controlled most of the possession, which left the Hondurans chasing the ball up top. When Honduras did win possession, both Bengtson and Carlo Costly failed to hold the ball up for the team to advance up the field.

In a game where nothing really went right, the blame can't be put on Jerry Bengtson's shoulders, as Honduras was simply outclassed in every facet of the game. If nothing else, at least Bengtson got to enjoy the Brazilian sunshine and the comfortable bench he was planted on for the second half of the game. At least Bengtson won't have to wait long to redeem himself and his side, as Los Catrachos will face Ecuador on Friday.