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World Cup Day Four Open Thread

Three games today including New England Revolution striker Jerry Bengtson and Honduras, who play the second game against France at 3 PM.

Matthew Lewis

Three games on tap today (including Switzerland-Ecuador already in progress), including our very own Jerry Bengtson who has the difficult task of trying to beat France and keep CONCACAF perfect in the World Cup after Costa Rica's epic 3-1 win yesterday over Uruguay.


I'm working on it, in between working 10 hours on a Saturday, getting read to host a Father's Day barbeque with my folks and refereeing adult league games. It will be ready (hopefully) before Honduras and France kicks off, but here's the gist: I like Ecuador a lot. If you're lucky, I'll get Group F done before the late game tonight but I make no promises.


Unknown at this time but probably increasing throughout the day would be my guess.


To everyone including our own Matty Jollie and Abram Chamberlain. I promised my dad I wouldn't bother him all day about soccer or that ESPN keeps changing around the soccer for US Open golf coverage. Naturally, my dad is golfing right now and you can guess which side of the fence he is clearly on in this argument.

OK, almost halftime and Ecuador leads the Swiss 1-0. Enjoy the live thread.