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2014 World Cup: Colombia vs. Greece, Uruguay vs. Costa Rica, England vs. Italy, Ivory Coast vs. Japan Day Three Open Thread

Today's Games: Colombia vs. Greece at noon, followed by Uruguay vs. Costa Rica at 3 PM ET, then England vs. Italy at 6 PM ET, and finally Ivory Coast vs. Japan to round out a big four-game slate at 9 PM. SB Nation's 2014 World Cup Bracket'

Richard Heathcote

Hey, sorry we're late, but it's day three of the World Cup and we're definitely watching. After a controversial day one, yesterday was an exciting day two, watching the defending champions get posterized by a vengeful Dutch squad 5-1 after Mexico beat Cameroon. And then, of course, an entertaining match between Chile and Australia topped it all off. With four games today, we're pretty much guaranteed to get  some real excitement.

So, like the last two days, we're opening this thread up for discussion and it will run all day long. So talk to us in the comments!

The Games

Colombia vs. Greece, 12 PM ET - This game is in the second half as I write this. So far Colombia seems to be in control, up 2-0, though I'm not sure they've been dominant. I'm glad they got the early lead, because if they hadn't Greece would have made this the most un-fun game any World Cup has ever seen. I imagine that'll happen in the next two matches they play.

Uruguay vs. Costa Rica, 3 PM ET - A match-up of one of the world's most despicable and talented individuals (Luis Suarez) against a national team that is really only good at losing in the snow and then complaining about it. I predict that Joel Campbell and Suarez will have a diving competition while Uruguay puts up a three spot. Los Ticos have no chance.

England vs. Italy, 6 PM ET - This is the day's marquee match-up, and it will probably be it's most disappointing. Italy isn't Greece, but they defend first and they aren't exactly the most exciting squad in the tournament, and England will play like, well, England. With Roy Hodgson at the helm you never know what you're going to get: will they attempt one forward pass, or two? This match needs a heavy dose of Mario Balotelli or it'll be a snoozefest. Also, they're playing in Manaus, which I'm told is like playing in a giant box full of hot bathwater. And the city was just hit by a tropical storm. Delightful.

Ivory Coast vs. Japan, 9 PM ET - I like to laugh at Ivory Coast, which is mean, because they're supposed "Golden Generation" spearheaded by Didier Drogba and Didier Zokora has been prevented from doing anything at a previous World Cup by some really terrible group draws. Now they have a group they could feasibly move out of, though it'll still be a challenge, and their golden core's average age is like 78. Yaya Toure has to find a way to win three games by himself for them to advance, and even he's not that good. Japan is Japan. They're unreasonably good, but not THAT good, and it'll show. Keisuke Honda and Shinji Kagawa are pretty awesome, though.

Steve's Drinking Scale

Another dry day for me, but don't let that stop you. England-Italy in particular is going to be no fun, so make some fun by drinking every time an announcer talks about Balotelli's off-field antics or an English player hoofs a long ball. You'll be hammered in the 25th minute.

How Do I Watch?

Again, check out LiveSoccerTV.