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TBM Predicts 2014 MLS Regular Season - Week 8: Revolution vs. Sporting KC

After a week hiatus, Jake's XBOX 360 and FIFA14 are back at work and this time they've outdone themselves. No really, we're not kidding, someone scored directly on a throw in.

I would like everyone to know that after watching that video you have every right to be confused. I have no idea what happened. I'm never kidding when I complain about dropped frames during the video capture, and it happens all the time. But this is the first time I've dropped a goal completely and couldn't save it via replay.

Seth Sinovic on a long throw is credited with a goal in the 70th minute to give Sporting Kansas City a 1-0 win over the New England Revolution in this week's FIFA14 simulation. I'm dead serious. Because you can't score directly on a throw in, it's kind of like a indirect kick in that way, the ball was clearly redirected into the goal and odds are it was virtual Bobby Shuttleworth who was the culprit. Had it been anyone else, their would have likely been an own goal credited to the Revs or an SKC player with the actual goal.

And that leaves me with little choice but to boldly predict a loss for the Revs and in similar fashion to that 0-2 loss at D.C. United a few weeks ago, the Revs will likely beat themselves rather than SKC doing anything to win the game.


Because the Revs are all out of sorts and have yet to generate any consistent offense yet. And while they've had decent games against Houston and Chicago, they are far from being consistent on the offense end. Bobby Shuttleworth's heroics last week against Chicago stopping a late penalty do not absolve him of his issues commanding his area.

SKC has always been on paper a matchup nightmare for the Revs, a big physical team that is difficult to attack against. And without Jose Goncalves in the center of defense, the backline pairing of A.J. Soares and Andrew Farrell will have their work cut out for them as well as Chris Tierney and likely Darrius Barnes on the flanks.


Because the Revs might actually have to change their attacking lineup due to injuries, etc. Saer Sene has been excused this week with a personal issue, Diego Fagundez has been battling a neck issue and Jerry Bengtson is arguably the one striker in form for the Revs right now after scoring against Houston.

So that means that the Revs could actually deploy Teal Bunbury out wide on the flank, where he's had some success along with Bengtson and Charlie Davies. Also with Aurelien Collin out, that opens up a lot of chances for the Revs to perhaps win some headers in the area to generate chances.

Does that mean the Revs will actually generate some attacking chances? I have no idea, but it will at least give SKC a different look than they and the rest of the league have been seeing from the Revs every week and I am really looking forward to a Barnes/Zusi showdown on the flank.

For those wondering about the end of the video, my grandmother passed away a week ago in Florida and the services were held over the last two days in Connecticut. She was surrounded by her family when she passed peacefully and she will be sorely missed by those who loved her.