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Revolution Forward Juan Agudelo Talks Trade, Transition, and Hamstring Injury

Brand new Revolution forward Juan Agudelo sat down with Jeff Lemieux and held a video interview to discuss his move to New England, his settling process, and the hamstring injury that looks to keep him out of line for a debut on Saturday.

New England Revolution staff writer Jeff Lemieux sat down with Juan Agudelo to discuss his recent arrival in Foxboro. As we all know, Juan was just acquired in a trade with Chivas USA for allocation money. General Manager Mike Burns has already made clear that he feels Agudelo is the player the Revs need to get them over the hump and scoring more goals.

Agudelo, for his part, said pretty much everything you'd expect out of a new signing. He toed the party line, didn't reveal a whole lot, and generally expressed appreciation and gratitude at the opportunity to play in New England. Whether or not that's really how he feels remains to be seen, but it's telling that he mentioned having more friends in this area than he did in Los Angeles, which could be a major factor in his acclimatization process.

He also commented on his hamstring injury. He didn't really give a timetable, but mentioned that he's been sprinting lately and is looking forward to returning to training, so it's not out of the realm of possibility to hope that - barring a setback - he could be in uniform in Houston on May 18th.

Something else that might catch the ear of fans: Agudelo mentioned that the ownership in New England gets along with the players. Before people start scoffing, recognize that he's probably 100% correct. A lot of fans gripe about lack of involvement in the team, but even when it comes to the Revolution, Bob and Jonathan Kraft have generally had good relationships with current players.

Reading between the lines, that statement is a lot more revealing about the ownership group at Chivas USA. Obviously he didn't explicitly say anything against Jorge Vergara and the group over there, but given all the controversy that routinely surrounds that club, it does suggest that maybe the players at Chivas have trouble with ownership, too.