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Revolution's Diego Fagundez Discusses Goal Against Toronto FC

Diego Fagundez scored the Revolution's opening goal against Toronto on Saturday night. Here's video of part of his post-match comments.

There will be plenty of video going up on the New England Revolution website from the postgame, but we thought we'd share this video from our fellow writer Carl Setterlund (who contributes to New England Soccer Today, among other publications). He used his cell phone to capture part of Diego Fagundez's comments following the victory over Toronto FC.

For those who don't realize it, the opening question in this video is asked by none other than yours truly. That's me, asking the incisive questions, trying to get the answers to the stuff you guys REALLY WANT TO READ. GRITTY JOURNALISM.

Anyway, after that Diego talks about his goal. It really was excellent, and I'd be very surprised if I didn't see it among the Goal of the Week candidates. For those of you keeping score, that's three goals in three games for the kid. Think he's graduated from "hot prospect" to "bona fide professional?"