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From The Vault: Mike Burns Calls Tech Support Circa 2011

In an unreleased skit from the dark days of 2011...a frustrated New England GM Mike Burns calls the Euro Football Player Hotline to follow up on some recent purchases.

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Joe Robbins

So I hit "shuffle all" on my media player today while driving and low and behold a hidden gem popped up from the old days.

Back then in early 2011 a Steve Nicol coached New England Revolution struggled mightily.  New acquisitions Rajko Lekic, Ousmane Dabo and Didier Domi were faltering after limited use.  Lekic showed his frustration at everyone has little to no service found its way to him while injuries continued to hound Domi and Dabo.  Like most acquisitions the Revs make, there is always a caveat...a pre-existing injury or some other stipulation that tempers your excitement.  It's interesting to remember the headaches we had a few years ago; a stale one dimensional offense that lacked and explosiveness featuring a revolving door of European imports that rarely lasted.

It was a conversation with friend and fellow Revs fan Matt Dubois (@MDubes77) that kick started this idea.  Jokingly we went through some of the previous signings, their track record and our Front Office's continuance on that failed strategy.  We rattled off to each other how its like someone that goes back to the same budget car dealership even after everything he buys never works.  The idea matured over beers into a skit where a frustrated Mike Burns call his budget provider of cheap used European football players and tries to get some of the issues he's had resolved. We never released it, fearing the references were too inside or too deep, but I got a chuckle out of it today, I hope Matt (currently serving in Afghanistan) will as well.

Enjoy and congrats if you make it the whole way through.  Link Below!