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Statistical Review of the Revs in March. Shoot More. Pass Better.

March was anemic for the Revs as they struggled offensively in three games following their "pretty" win at Chicago. What went wrong in March and what do the stats say? What needs to change for April?


I had a youth coach that used to tell us, "You can't win if you don't score goals, you can't score goals if you don't take shots and you can't take shots if you don't have the ball."

This sound logic and gives us some possible insight into the Revs early season issues with scoring and generating chances. Check out the interactive chart below.

Take More Shots: Using my youth coach's reasoning it appears we don't score goals because we don't take shots. Through four games the Revs are averaging only 2.5 shots on target per game. On average through March only one out of four attempts on goal is a shot on target. Lee Nguyen and Jerry Bengtson are the only players on the roster with more than one shot on goal; two and four respectively.

How it will improve in April? A healthy Saer Sene could allow this offense to revert back to a 4-4-2 with two full time strikers reducing the burden on Juan Toja who will now have two targets ahead of him, rather than relying solely on Bengtson. More options up top coupled with more holding play will allow wingers and Toja to get forward and involved.

Out Possessed: In 75% of March's matches the Revs lost the possession battle, albeit narrowly. Tons of easy giveaways from the Revs in March. Throw-ins literally thrown to the opposing team. Passing accuracy is especially poor this year which you can attribute some of that lost possession to. Through March of 2012 the Revs were at 69.3% accuracy compared to a 66.5% rating in 2013.

How it will improve in April? Kalifa Cisse returns to the lineup. Frankly the midfield looks much better with him there. A formation change that will focus the role the Toja and reduce the ground he must cover will present more support for the Revs who in March got forward and found themselves isolated when nearing the attacking third.

Odd Ball Stats: Facts that mean nothing

"Oh people can come up with statistics to prove anything. 14% of people know that." - Homer Simpson

1. The Revs have not yet won on turf. (0-1-1) vs (1-1-0) on grass.

2. The Revs have only earned points when having a minimum of four corner kicks per game.

3. When the Revs make more than 324 passes in a game, they have not won.

What do you make of the stats in March, what do they have to do in April to fix it?