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The New England Factor: How the Local Boys Contributed

The Revolution saw a lot of production both from their academy and from other local products this season. Here's a quick look at how they contributed.

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We are New England.

The New England Revolution Academy began to pay huge dividends in 2013 for the Revs, as they employed two local products consistently throughout the campaign.  I'm conditioned to think a lack of options would typically force them into that decision, but opting to play Scott Caldwell and Diego Fagundez was truly the best choice.

Caldwell (Braintree, MA), Fagundez (Leominster, MA), Chris Tierney (Wellesley, MA) and late addition Charlie Davies (Manchester, NH) make up the crew of New England Revolution players that call the area home.  Together, the New Englanders make up 13% of the active 30 man roster.

Interestingly enough this 13% contributed a disproportionate amount to the club in terms of goals, assists and minutes.  On another note in terms of Homegrown Players, looking at a list of other Homegrown products currently in Major League Soccer, it would appear no other club is currently getting the returns that New England is with Caldwell and Fagundez.

The Facts:

  • Fagundez led the club with 13 goals and was second with 7 assists.  Five of these were game winning goals.
  • Combined the New Englanders chalked up a total 14 assists in 2013.  Five of these were game winning assists.
  • Caldwell, Tierney and Fagundez each saw action in some way shape or form in a minimum of 85% of New England regular season matches.  Fagundez tops this list featuring in 91%.
  • Jose Goncalves played 100% of available minutes this year.  These New Englanders all played above 70% of the possible 3060 minutes that make up the 34 game schedule.

It would appear we are beginning to get great returns from the Revolution Youth Academy; partially built with all that Dempsey transfer money.  Share your observations in the comment section below.

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