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FIFA '13 Updated Revs Roster Analysis

EA Sports FIFA '13 recently released its updated roster. This one finally incorporates most of the Revolution's off-season activity. Check out the updated rankings below and see who has improved and who has declined.

Which Revs had their ratings bumped up in the latest FIFA '13 roster update?
Which Revs had their ratings bumped up in the latest FIFA '13 roster update?
Jared Wickerham

One has to imagine the bulk of our readers in some way shape or form play EA Sports FIFA '13. As a fan of a club who happens to be located in the western hemisphere that plays on a different season schedule than Europe we often get slighted by the shadowy overlords at EA who dole out the roster updates. This is why I tend to get over-excited when they release a large update focused on MLS; as it won't require me spending hours of my life transferring or creating our latest acquisitions manually. On a side note, I'd definitely pay a good chunk of money for a "Western Hemisphere Expansion Pack" that has more clubs, leagues, competitions (CONCACAF Champions League) and more updates.

With this latest update I sought to determine the level of progression or regression in Revolution players based on the current ratings compared to the original ratings from the game's release in September of 2012. Ironically Jose Goncalves, who actually has signed with the Revolution is not on the roster and re-entry selections Hunter Freeman and Chad Barrett who haven't signed are listed. Is EA foreshadowing? So how are the ratings determined?

The overall rating is determined by a series of 28 sub-ratings split into 3 different categories: Mental (e.g. aggression), Physical (e.g. strength) and skill (e.g. ball control), and there is also a separate set of ratings that determine Goalkeepers’ ratings. This enigma like code has produced more clangers than Heurelho Gomes over the years and unfortunately FIFA 13 is no exception.

FIFA Updated Overall Ratings "Starters"
Pos # Player Current Overall Original Overall Change
GK 1 Matt Reis 64 66 -2
LB 8 Chris Tierney 61 61 0
LCB 26 Steven McCarthy 63 63 0
RCB 5 AJ Soares 65 63 +2
RB 30 Kevin Alston 65 64 +1
CDM 19 Clyde Simms (C) 62 63 -1
RM 11 Kelyn Rowe 63 65 -2
LM 24 Lee Nguyen 66 67 -1
CAM 18 Juan Toja 67 67 0
RS 39 Saer Sene 67 67 0
LS 27 Jerry Bengtson 68 65 +3

REACTIONS: The most improved rating goes to Jerry Bengtson (+3) which shouldn't surprise anyone. Lee Nguyen dropping a point is debatable. Clearly EA was quite high on rookie Kelyn Rowe originally awarding him a 65. The defenders slowly improve with Alston and Soares showing incremental improvement. Sadly Matt Reis continues his slow decline as he is punished by EA for aging.

FIFA '13 Updated Overall Ratings "Subs and Reserves"
Pos # Player Current Overall Original Overall Change
GK 34 Bobby Shuttleworth 58 58 0
ST 92 Dimitry Imbongo 54 55 -1
LM 13 Ryan Guy 63 63 0
LB 3 Tyler Polak 59 59 0
RW 14 Diego Fagundez 61 (RW) 55 (ST) +6
CB 25 Darrius Barnes 61 61 0
CDM 4 Kalifa Cissé 65 n/a n/a
CM 32 Andy Dorman 63 n/a n/a
RM 17 Sainey Nyassi 61 61 0
ST 20 Chad Barrett* 62 n/a n/a
RB 21 Hunter Freeman* 63 n/a n/a
CAM 36 Scott Caldwell 54 n/a n/a

REACTIONS: Who did Imbongo tick off at EA!? Wasn't a 55 already bad enough!? What did he do to deserve a drop? Overall not much movement on the bench and reserve front with the exception of Diego Fagundez who went from 55 when listed as a striker in the original release jumping six points to a 61 as a right winger. Note: If they weren't on the Revs in the original release I did not include any original data and marked them "n/a."

FIFA '13 Updated Overall Team Ratings
Category Current Overall Original Overall Change
Attack 65 64 +1
Midfield 64 65 -1
Result 63 62 +1

REACTIONS: They Revs remain a 2 1/2 star team overall. The improved attack can be justified by Bengtson's addition as well as Sene's scoring record in 2012. The midfield drops a point which can attributed to the loss of Benny Feilhaber who was rated a 69 in the original release now replaced with Toja at 67. Defense improves, because technically the defense did improve, right?

Now let's take a look at individual characteristics and abilities.

Top 5 Fastest Revs according to FIFA '13 Latest Update
Based on "Sprint Speed"

1. Sainey Nyassi - 88
2. Kevin Alston - 83
3. Lee Nguyen - 82
4. Deigo Fagundez - 77
5. Ryan Guy - 73

Top 5 Strongest Revs according to FIFA '13 Latest Update
Based on "Strength"

1. Kalifa Cissé - 82
2. Andy Dorman - 72
3. Hunter Freeman* - 71
4. Kevin Alston - 70
5. Steven McCarthy - 70

Players with Traits and Specialties
Full explanation of what each one means here

1. Hunter Freeman* - Early crosser, long throw-in
2. Kevin Alston - Long shot taker
3. AJ Soares - Long passer
4. Chris Tierney - Early crosser
5. Kelyn Rowe - Long shot taker
6. Lee Nguyen - Long shot taker
7. Saer Sene - Flair
8. Darrius Barnes - Giant throw-in
9. Ryan Guy - Long throw-in
10. Andy Dorman - Flair
11. Sainey Nyassi - Long shot taker
12. Chad Barrett* - Injury prone

REACTIONS: Apparently we have some players that can take long shots. Darrius Barnes and Ryan Guy are accurately assessed in regards to their throw-in ability. Barnes can literally throw it like 40-50 yards in the game. It's fantastic. Although, it is confusing to me that Saer Sene and Andy Dorman are listed with "flair" yet Lee Nguyen, who arguably has the best footwork on the club is not. Interesting to note that Chad Barrett is listed as "injury prone." Only one player on the roster has a "specialty" and that is midfielder Sainey Nyassi. I find this very confusing as Nyassi saw only eleven minutes of total action in 2012 and the FIFA God's have anointed him with the specialty "Acrobat." Allow me to define what the acrobat is capable of. Remember, this is the same midfielder who appeared in eleven minutes of one game all last year.

The Acrobat uses his athletic ability to get to balls that other players won't get to. This player does many acrobatic clearances and bicycle kicks.

CONCLUSIONS: Overall, the Revs have improved in the game. Our attackers have a disproportional amount of the talent on the roster which plays in a 4-1-2-1 formation. Many MLS clubs have at least a few players rated in the 70's and some in the 80's while the Revs have none; which will certainly hamper your plans for glory in online play. What do you think of EA's assessment of the Revs? Have you observed something different? Share your thoughts below!

When I'm playing online, be assured, Sainey Nyassi will be starting at RM...