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Ten Question Marks Leading into 2013

A new year brings new hope and new personnel to the Revs. It also poses many questions that require answers as we collectively head into the 2013 campaign...

Jim Rogash

In no particular order, here are ten pressing questions for the New England Revolution:

1. If 2013 ends similarly to 2012 is it the end of the Jay Heaps era?

Self explanatory here...Jay says all the right things and shows unrivaled commitment. Yet, there has been some friction with veteran players like Shalrie Joseph that indicate there may be layers to this onion we haven't smelled yet. Is two years not enough time to turn around the sinking ship he inherited from Stevie Nicol?

2. Will Kevin Alston transition to left back?

According to Jay Heaps, Alston's passing rate improved when moved to left back and his ability going forward looked better. I'd have to agree with Coach Heaps here; Kevin Alston is born to be a speedy overlapping outside back that gets forward and involved in the attack. Any decision that moves him closer to that I am for.

3. Is this the year we see Bobby Shuttleworth transition into a starting role?

Who doesn't love Matt Reis? One still has to wonder how and when the succession plan will take place. Bobby saw regular time late last year and could this be the year where Reis takes on the substitute role?

4. Are Andy Dorman and Kalifa Cisse guaranteed to start in 2013?

We have a ton of talent the midfield on paper. Unless the New England Revolution plan to deploy a 0-10-0 formation they will have to narrow their midfield selections to four or five. Lee Nguyen is only one in my estimation that has solidified a starting role for 2013. Are the three remaining Cisse, Dorman and Toja's to lose? I'm sure Clyde Simms and Ryan Guy would have something to say about this.

5. Who will Captain the 2013 Revs? Is Reis a shoe-in?

Again, who doesn't love Matt Reis but is it time to develop a new on the field general in the likes of an AJ Soares? Who would you want wearing the arm band?

6. Who is Sainey Nyassi and what does he do?

He costs a pretty penny and due to injury, contributed minimally in 2012. Nyassi saw plenty of time in the playoff years of 2008 and 2009. Many assumed he'd be out of a job come this off season with a midfield boasting Lee Nguyen, Scott Caldwell, Juan Toja, Andy Dorman, Kalifa Cisse, Clyde Simms, Ryan Guy and Kelyn Rowe. Does Nyassi have a place on this squad anymore?

7. When will Saer Sene (ACL) be available?

Sene was a on a goal scoring tear in 2012. If paired for a season with Jerry Bengtson this could be quite the potent striking duo. When will Sene be available, early March? When would he not only be available but 100%? The later we start our season the better.

8. Is Diego Fagundez better suited as an outside winger?

Although Diego did snipe a few goals inside the box he's often out-sized in that arena. Is Fagundez better suited to wing where he can use his dynamic play to take advantage of the space and take players head on? Or is Diego primed for another year of substitute duty for a fatigued Bengtson and Sene?

9. The Revs have been rumored to be in talks with two defenders, Portuguese Jose Goncalves and Honduran David Molina; in addition to the possibility of Hunter Freeman signing is this enough help for the back line?

Veteran presence seems to be the prescribed remedy to help solidify the young defense. Is outside help the right move or do the Revs need someone with MLS experience in Freeman. If they acquired all three is that sufficient enough to make the Revs competitive for 2013?

10. SSS talks got hot in the Fall of 2012, will they ever reignite and yield anything?

Please stop teasing us Mayors of Massachusetts cities and towns.

-Every Revs Fan

Share your opinions on the ten questions below.