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The Indirect Kick

The Story of the March into Red Bull Arena

Red Bull supporters united with Revolution supporters for unforgettable and emotional march into Red Bull Arena nearly one year ago.

The Local Boys Show Up

The Revs employed four local New Englanders - two of them Academy products - in 2013, and received a disproportionate amount of benefit from them. How did the boys from New England fare in the regular season?

2013 Revs by Percentage of Minutes Played

Now that's officially off-season in New England it's time to recap and analyze the season that was in New England. We're looking at who was on the field this season to determine who the core of this team truly is.

Revs Players React to Loss, Reflect on Season

Revolution players sound off via Twitter on their playoff loss to Kansas City and reflect on this year's campaign.

Updated Revolution MLS Playoff Scenarios

Based on Saturday's results the Revs can finish as high as third place in the Eastern Conference. Check out how other results can affect our MLS Playoff Chances and what games to follow and who to root for.

Analyzing Heaps Solutions vs Crew

The Revs have lost Saer Sene and Lee Nguyen and with it a whole bunch of production. How will Coach Heaps offset this loss and with what players? What is the best option?

Opinion: Buy Out JoGo's Contract

Why the Revs need to make buying Goncalves contract a top priority.

2011: GM Mike Burns "Calls" Tech Support

In 2011 Mike Burns called tech support to figure out why Rajko Lekic wasn't scoring.

Analyzing the Revolution Venom

What's gotten into these Revs? We dig into the Potency Index to find out what they are doing right statistically on their recent run of form.

Revisiting the Question Marks From Preseason

The 2013 Preseason posed many questions for the Revs heading into Heaps' second year. We're nearly halfway through year two...have the preseason mysteries been solved?

Revolution March Performance Report

The Revs start off April against Seattle tomorrow and we take a look at the Revs statistical performance through March and wonder what can be done in April to improve it.

2013 Statistical Predictions

The Boys at the The Bent Musket were surveyed on who would lead the Revs and MLS in a host of statistical categories. Share yours in the comments so we can compare at season's end.

The 2013 Schedule Breakdown

How many games will we play at home? On Saturday? On turf? Check out the schedule breakdown.

FIFA '13 Revs Updated Roster Analysis

Latest roster update out, and we analyze the change. Reis declines, Bengtson and Fagundez overall ratings jump.

Question #3 the Catalyst for a Possible Revs SSS?

On November 4th, 2008 Massachusetts residents entered the voting booth prepared to select the next president, but it's how they answered one of the three voter-initiated ballot questions that could possibly shape the future of the Revs.

Who's The Most-Followed Revs Player?

Which Revs players are on Twitter? Who has the most followers? We take a look at the social media popularity contest and graph it for your viewing pleasure? Who do you think it is? Check out part two of the social media report.

Supporters Unite To Support Wounded Troops

Supporters can agree that at times you are sometimes viewed by regular fans, security and the general public alike with suspicion. Well to further prove they're wrong to do so, here's another example of soccer supporters uniting for a good cause.

Any Heroes Left In This Horror Show?

Too often have players gone unused or employed in one position in New England only to go on to success on a different club in positions we need. This needs to stop and Heaps can take the last two months of the season stress the question marks.

Teammates React on Twitter to SJ21 Trade

It's like playing have to take a risk and remove a certain piece of the structure, doing so will help you win, but you do risk toppling the whole tower and going down in flames. Check out how Shalrie's former teammates react to the news.

The Social Media Report: Introduction

We can all agree that Twitter has a huge impact on the sports world. How does Major League Soccer and specifically New England Revolution compare to other clubs and other leagues?

Why I Hate The MLS All-Star Game Format

The current star All Star Game format is MLS 2.0's version of the breakaway penalty kick. It sounds great in theory, looks like an easy sell to the masses but in the end serves only to embarrass the league.

Welcome to Gillette Part 2: Kraft Sports Responds

We receive a response to our email regarding the lack of Revolution signage on the "Home of" sign outside Gillette Stadium. It wasn't the response we were looking for.

Set Pieces: Revs Poor On Both Sides

The New England Revolution have let up two go ahead goals due to poor defending on set pieces. Also, they haven't scored off one yet either.

Progress Report: Updates On Now-Departed 2011 Revs

Progress Report: We check in on how former Revs players from the 2011 campaign are faring at their new jobs. How much are they playing and where?

Knock, Knock, Knocking On Red Bulls' Door

The Revs had 12 attempts on goal and nearly 60% possession. Why didn't they score? We analyze the main reasons they failed to bulge the net.

Heaps vs Nicol: What Do The Stats Say?

The Revs are six games into the season, we take a look at the where 2011 Revs were last year at this time and compare the stats to see how different Stevie Nicol and Jay Heaps' teams are.

Welcome to Gillette Stadium: Home of the New England...

For 10 years the New England Revolution have played at Gillette why does the sign on the outside ONLY say home of the Patriots?

Why Tomorrow vs Portland Is a "Must Win"

Based on the upcoming schedule for the Revs it may not be too early to call this Saturday's home opener against Portland a must win.

The Departed: The 2011 Revs, Where'd They Go?

The New England Revolution have new faces in 2012, but where did last year's players go? We look at where they are and how they are doing.

Moving On Up...

The Bent Musket family continues to expand! Come welcome Brendan Schimmel (The Indirect Kick) to the fold!