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Andy Ruiz trialing with Rhinos, not Revs

Turns out Guatemalan midfielder midfielder Andy Ruiz will trial for the Rhinos.

It looks like Guatemalan midfielder Andy Ruiz will trial for the Rochester Rhinos and not the New England Revolution.

Last night, two Guatemalan sources reported that Ruiz had left Comunicaciones B to join the Revolution's training camp. One of the sources now claims that the 19-year-old defensive midfielder is heading to Rochester.

Ruiz trialing with the Rhinos makes more sense overall. Ruiz spent time with the FC Dallas Academy before returning to his native country. He's also earned call ups to Guatemalan youth national teams. Ruiz is a young and talented player that hasn't found the consistency he would need in order to play in MLS.

From the Rhinos perspective, Ruiz is certainly worth a look since the team only has one defensive midfielder on its current roster.