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Revolution Transfer 2017: Scouting Claude Dielna

Reporter Louis Shackshaft gives us an inside look at the Revs’ new signing.

Newcastle United v Olympiacos - Pre Season Friendly Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

The New England Revolution made their first signing of the summer transfer window on Jul. 28 by adding defender Claude Dielna. The move prompted many to jump on YouTube to get a glimpse at the new left-footed center back.

We at The Bent Musket decided to get a bit more insight, seeking the help of British reporter Louis Shackshaft, who covers Sheffield Wednesday for various outlets.

The Bent Musket (TBM): What are Dielna's strengths?

Louis Shackshaft (LS): Dielna is a strong, athletic and powerful defender. He can either play at centre back or preferably at left back with the ability to push forward. He possesses good pace over a short distance and can certainly cross a ball, or even shoot for that matter if the opportunity arose. He can give any winger a good run for their money and is good at breaking up play and intercepting a ball.

TBM: What are Dielna's weaknesses?

LS: Dielna's biggest weakness, I believe, is his concentration. Sometimes his lack of concentration enables him to become clumsy. In addition to this, his passing can become wayward. Obviously as a defender this can have dramatic consequences.

TBM: Dielna has been sent out on loan a lot during his career. Can you explain why?

LS: Before he joined Sheffield Wednesday the answer to your question is, I don't know. However, upon joining the Owls, Dielna gradually worked his way into the first team with some steady performances. Unfortunately for Dielna, a new Chairman, manager etc all were introduced at Sheffield Wednesday and therefore Claude became surplus to requirements due to heavy investment. Basically, he never played for Sheffield Wednesday again. A loan move was the only option for Dielna at the time.

TBM: How would you describe his presence in the locker room?

LS: Dielna has always been a bit of a joker. Seriously, follow him on Twitter or Instagram for a giggle. Regarding being a leader or captain material I think he is far from it. Looking at his career it seems he has barely settled at any club. Hopefully this move to Revolution will see him become a good figurehead at the club, especially now that he is in his prime at 29 years of age.

TBM: What do you think is Dielna's best position?

LS: Personally I believe his best position is left back due to his ability to push upfield. His lack of concentration would bother me if he was to play at centre back. One mistake over 90 minutes could cost you dearly. "

TBM: How high should expectations be for Dielna?

LS: This is difficult to answer. Dielna certainly has something to offer. Like I previously mentioned, he has never sustained a good run of games for any club. Hopefully he becomes a consistent and trustworthy defender at New England. This opportunity may be his last, especially at a big club in the MLS. I believe his first season at the club will either make or break him. If he fails at this opportunity he will have really let himself down. Furthermore, Dielna does, however, possess qualities to become a very good defender in this league, only time will tell.

We want to thank Louis Shackshaft for taking the time to talk to us. Be sure to follow Louis on Twitter (@LouisShackshaft).