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Rumor: Revolution to trial Guatemalan midfielder

Two Guatemalan sources say that the Revs will bring Andy Ruiz on trial.

Elsa/Getty Images

The New England Revolution will reportedly welcome Guatemalan midfielder Jose "Andy" Ruiz as a trialist, according to CFC Radio and Chapin League.

Ruiz is a 19-year-old defensive midfielder, who's known for his determined play. He spent time with the FC Dallas Academy and most recently played with Comunicaciones B. Ruiz's talent is clear, but he can also be a bit inconsistent.

Ruiz earned some notoriety in 2015 when he hit a stunning volley against the United States in a U-20 Championship game. The goal, which happened in the 90th minute, helped Guatemala earn a tie.

If Ruiz does in fact trial with the Revs then it would be an interesting development because it's a position of need. The team has to find a partner for Scott Caldwell since Jermaine Jones is out of contract and new Designated Player Xavier Kouassi isn't expected to arrive until July. Daigo Kobayashi and Zachary Herivaux are currently the front runners to help shield the back line.