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Bilello Suggests Transfers More Likely Than Trades for Revolution This Summer

Revolution President Brian Bilello offered a little insight into the thought process for the Front Office during the summer transfer window.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Silly season is in full swing across the soccer world, and here in MLS it's no different. New York City FC recently announced the signing of Italian legend, World Cup winner, and midfield maestro Andrea Pirlo, and clubs all over the league are looking to improve.

The New England Revolution are no different. They have already captured the signing of a young, up-and-coming attacker out of Guatemala in Marvin Ceballos (the team still has not officially confirmed that, but the deal is done according to our sources), and naturally, fans are curious about anything else the Revs might be doing on that front.

Team President Brian Bilello offered a small kernel of insight into how the team is looking into depth and improvement with this tweet:

It's not exactly revelatory, but it's interesting to see where the front office is looking at this time. Moreover, at first blush at least, it makes perfect sense. The window for intra-team trades in MLS is much bigger than the actual international transfer window. Right now is the time when literally every acquisition avenue except a draft is open to the club, and it's understandable that they would focus on the mechanisms that will be taken away from them soonest - such as free/paid transfers.

Also, it's worth noting that Ceballos is exactly such a transfer. Perhaps a defender is next on the docket?