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Will Packwood is Training with the Revolution Again

Will Packwood was spotted at Revs training on Friday.

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

Defensive help could come in the form of a familiar face as Will Packwood has rejoined the New England Revolution for training, according to's Craig Forde.

Packwood originally began training with the Revs at the beginning of May, but ultimately didn't sign. From there, the 21-year-old linked up with the New York Red Bulls, a trial that earned praise from head coach Jesse Marsch. Nothing formal materialized, however, leading Packwood back to his hometown club.

Packwood signing with the Revolution makes sense for all parties involved. After all, the Revs are in need of defensive help due to the long-term absences of Jermaine Jones and Darrius Barnes. Meanwhile, Packwood needs a team where he can find consistent minutes. The youth international has a lot of talent, but has been marred by injuries in recent years.

Also, with rumors swirling that Jose Goncalves might head back to Switzerland within a year (by the man's own admission), the defensive corps are fixing to get even thinner going forward.

That having been said, the Godfather of New England soccer reporting has thrown cold water on this hot story, as apparently Packwood may only be here to stay in shape:

Packwood is currently a free agent after terminating his contract with Birmingham City early.