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Revolution Transfers 2015: Rosell Linked to New England

A Portuguese news outlet is reporting that Oriol Rosell could join the New England Revolution.

Gallo Images/Getty Images

Former MLS midfielder Oriol Rosell could join the New England Revolutionaccording to a Portuguese news outlet.

Rosell, who played for Sporting K.C. from 2012-2014, is now with Sporting CP. The 23-year-old hasn't regularly appeared for the Portuguese club, leading to speculation that he could soon be on the move.

One rumored destination is the Revolution, who formed a strategic partnership with Sporting CP in 2014. One aspect of the relationship that hasn't been explored yet is sending players on loan, though that could change soon. Revolution general manager Michael Burns recently told a Portuguese news outlet that "we’re hopeful that we’ll be able to get a player or two wearing a Revs uniform next year or beyond that’s coming from Sporting."

Rosell would be a huge get for the Revs as he's a league-tested defensive midfielder. If Jones doesn't re-sign, a midfield anchored by Rosell and Scott Caldwell could certainly get the job done.

It's worth noting that Rosell would be subject to the Allocation Process, according to the league website. The Revs are currently 10th on the list with the Chicago Fire holding the top spot.