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Revolution Postmatch Reactions

Match reaction pieces that focus on opinions on proceedings while attempting to identify positives and negatives about the performance.

Bruce Arena talks about roster changes ahead of 2023

Arena: "I would not be surprised if we try to bring in three or four players that can challenge to get in our first eleven."

Bruce Arena doesn’t want to use Omar Gonzalez as a scapegoat

The center back struggled in his first season in New England.

Dylan Borrero shines in final game of 2022 season

Borrero was the lone goal scorer for New England in the season finale.

Revolution left to rue missed chances

"If you go through the season, the number of games we’ve actually blown, just screwed up, is incredible."

Revolution preparing for end of regular season: “We just have to see where we are”

"We just have to see where we are."

Carles Gil: “Maybe we don’t deserve to be in the playoffs”

"I think maybe we don’t deserve to be in the playoffs because I think we’re not a competitive team now."

Nacho Gil has “good first showing” in MLS debut

He was one of our reserves we brought in that I think added to our team.

Giacomo Vrioni has “a way to go” before he’s at full fitness

"He doesn’t have any real good fitness or sharpness. It might’ve been a mistake even putting him in the game."

Matt Polster skeptical of crucial call in 2-1 loss

"I asked some of the Red Bull players and they weren’t even aware that there was a penalty shout. So for this one, I’m not sure. It is what it is. That’s the referee’s decision."

Arena praises Gil and Petrović during “difficult” season

Arena on Gil and Petrović: "Those two players for us are among the best players, easily, in their positions in the league."

Bruce Arena offers insight into Tommy McNamara’s talent

"Tommy [McNamara] is not winning many foot races, but mentally and technically, he’s ahead of the game and he always is in good spots to make plays. That was a clear example of it."

Revs II graduates shine in crucial win

The youngsters led the way against NYCFC

Jon Bell, Noel Buck, and Tommy McNamara explain their goal songs

"Who doesn’t like Taylor Swift?"

Bruce Arena: “I think we made a mistake with his rehabilitation”

"He should have been back on the field a lot sooner and it’s now not easy to have to come in at this point in the year, without a lot of training and games behind you."

Revolution preparing for two crucial games this week: “Every game is like a final now”

Points are at a premium at Gillette

Gustavo Bou makes his return

New England has been without the striker since July 16

“Shorthanded” Revs hoping to get guys back soon

Bruce Arena: "Hopefully in the next week we can do a little bit better and get some guys back."

Omar Gonzalez registers best performance since joining the New England Revolution

The center back looked great against his former team

Matt Polster performs well in his return from illness

Arena: "Polster played very well tonight."

Bruce Arena celebrates 100th game in New England with a win

Arena has learned about seasons and rebuilding

Noel Buck earns rave reviews in MLS debut

The 17-year-old is the eight homegrown signing for the club

Revs collect three road points despite depleted roster

The Revs collect their first win since Jun. 19 without Bou, Borrero, and Vrioni.

Revs find scoring from unusual sources

New England found three points and three goals

Henry Kessler: I think we, in general, limited them, which was good”

Kessler was excited to face the star student talent of Toronto and New England’s back line kept them from reaching the back of the net

Djordje Petrovic continues to save the Revolution

Anyone (including me) can figure that out

Giacomo Vrioni says he’ll learn from miss against Toronto FC

Vrioni will continue to work hard as he searches for his first goal as a Revs player.

Giacomo Vrioni earns positive reviews after “energetic” debut for the Revs

Polster on Vrioni: "He’s a really nice guy and he wants to work hard for this team."

Henry Kessler finding himself after disjointed 2022 season

"Well, first of all, he’s had a tough run coming back from an injury and he needs to be more consistent, and tonight was his most consistent game since he came back from his injury. He missed a big part of the season so he’s still in the early part of the season for him, and he’s getting fitter, getting sharper."

Poor decision making costs the Revolution (and an injury update on Jon Bell)

"You have to, at some point, make good decisions in tough times in games, and we didn’t do that."

Revolution staying positive after irritating loss to NYCFC

"I thought our team played really well. I really do. The heart they showed in the second half was remarkable and actually, we had a chance to make it three to three if they gave the penalty kick on DeJuan [Jones]. There’s a chance we had at three to two, we had a chance to get a penalty and they went down to the other end and scored. So, I just give our guys a lot of credit. "

Revs comment on referee after NYCFC awarded 3 PKs in one half

DeJuan Jones: "I don’t know if they all should have been called penalties, but that’s the nature of the game."

Pat Noonan on Bruce Arena: “I’m not on that sideline without his mentorship”

Noonan talks about returning to Gillette to coach against Arena.