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A scouting report for Designated Player Giacomo Vrioni

The Bent Musket spoke to journalist Sokol Xhihani to learn more about Vrioni.

LASK v WSG Tirol - ÖFB-UNIQA-Cup Photo by Severin Aichbauer/SEPA.Media /Getty Images

The New England Revolution have signed 23-year-old striker Giacomo Vrioni as a Designated Player through the 2025 season with an additional one-year club option. The Bent Musket spoke to journalist Sokol Xhihani to learn more about Vrioni.

The Bent Musket (TBM): What are Vrioni’s strengths?

Sokol Xhihani (SX): I think Vrioni is a modern striker. Last season he was the goalscorer of the Austrian Bundesliga, scoring 21 goals in 30 matches (in all competitions). He’s also part of the Albania national team. He is very smart in the way he moves in the attack. If you see the goals of the last season, you will notice that he can score in all the ways. I think that his strongest point is the fact that he manages to be some time ahead of the defenders in the next movement. Vrioni is fast in the movements close to the zone, but at the same time also potent at the right moment.

TBM: What are the areas that Vrioni can improve in?

SX: I think he needs to improve in all aspects because he knows very well that to grow as a player today you have to do everything the coach asks of you. As I said above, he is a modern striker. If I were to single out something to improve, I think it would be shots from outside the area.

TBM: It looks like Vrioni is a typical No. 9. Is this true? How does he usually score goals?

SX: Yes. He is a typical No. 9 but he is also capable of playing very well as a second striker when needed. Vrioni is strong in headers where he has scored several goals. But he has scored most of the goals with quick and smart movements inside the zone, not giving the opponents the opportunity to react. Inside the area, he is a “killer”.

TBM: Why is it a good decision for Vrioni to come to MLS?

SX: I think that this choice is a challenge for him. Knowing him and talking closely with him, I can say that he is a guy who likes challenges. Just like when he moved to Austria. He always works quietly to show the values he has.

TBM: How excited should Revs fans be about Vrioni?

SX: I can say that Vrioni will give the fans a lot of joy. They just need to give him the right time to adapt to a new league, like any player who comes to play for the first time in MLS. Very soon he will show the qualities he has and I am convinced of this as it is not by chance that you can become the best scorer of the championship in Austria. I think that Revs fans soon will be singing his name.

TBM: Is there anything else Revs fans should know about Vrioni?

SX: In general, more or less I said everything. Very soon the fans will have a new idol and a new top scorer. They just have to support him and I am convinced that they will be rewarded by Vrioni’s goals.