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Adam Buksa missing out on international call up is not ideal

With Adam Buska struggling with the New England Revolution, playing for Poland could have helped the striker figure things out.

MLS: New York Red Bulls at New England Revolution Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Revolution brought in Adam Buksa as a Designated Player who could make an impact right away. So far in 2020 that hasn’t been the case.

Buksa’s shooting boots have gone missing. What was supposed to be a quality attack for the Revs has fallen apart.

Now this isn't all of Buksa’s fault. The loss of Carles Gil can not be discounted. It is a devastating blow.

But Buksa should help pick up the pieces. He should be a striker that ensures the club succeeds even when some players are banged up.

Buksa has scored two goals for New England. The first one showed the skill that Buksa has when he is playing at his best. He showed great positioning to cut in front of the Chicago Fire to gain possession of a Brandon Bye cross, had a great first touch, and slotted it home.

His second goal was more luck than skill. A Cristian Penilla was blocked and the ball was deflected into the air, Buksa used his height to rise above defenders and head the ball past Bill Hamid.

Buksa’s height is advantageous but won't be the reason he scores most of his goals. Buksa needs to get more involved in the offense as a whole. He has gone five games without scoring a goal.

Buksa is able to gain possession but doesn't end up doing anything with the ball. The Polish DP was expected to do more.

That’s why the news of an international call up for Buksa was exciting. Getting to play at the international level could be just the boost that Buksa needs.

That’s why the news of Buksa not being allowed to join the team is so disappointing. MLS is not allowing players to leave for international duty and the Polish National Team confirmed that Buksa will not be getting the call up.

Now this makes sense. We are still in the middle of a pandemic and MLS is trying to prevent a breakout happening when players return to their clubs.

But this could have helped Buksa get out of his funk. He might have even earned his first cap for the Polish National Team after coming up through the youth teams. That would be a great confidence boost for the striker.

Hopefully, Buksa starts scoring soon or else the Revolution will be in trouble and have a difficult 2020 season. Matt Turner can only bail you out of every game for so long. At some point the Revs need to start scoring.