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Should Carles Gil return this season?

Rumors have been swirling around a possible Carles Gil return in 2020, but is it a good idea? Here are our thoughts!

New England Revolution v Seattle Sounders FC Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Revolution midfielder Carles Gil has been out of action since exiting the second match of group stage action of the MLS is Back tournament on July 17th. On August 6th, the club announced that Gil had undergone successful surgery, which removed debris from his left Achilles tendon. The prognosis for Gil’s return was estimated to be three to five months. As we eclipse two months post-operation, rumors have been starting to swill on if Carles Gil will return to action in 2020.

Revs fans who follow Dr. Adrian Goyanes, Gil’s surgeon, on Instagram were given a shock on October 6th as Goyanes posted a positive update on Gil’s recovery. In the Instagram caption, Goyanes stated that he has discharged a “fully recovered” Carles Gil and gave him the green light to begin individual training.

Although this is exciting news, many believed that Gil still needed to return to New England to analyze his recovery process. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it was unclear when the Spaniard would be able to make his way back to New England. Yet on the morning of October 13th, Revolution fans were stunned to see a video of Carles Gil walk into the club’s training facility!

The Revolution would also go on to post some brief footage from Gil’s training session, which showed the recently recovered Gil lightly jog and, more importantly, a bright smile!

With another chapter added on to the book of Carles Gil’s return, a question arises. Will we see the Midfield Maestro return to competition in 2020? Here’s what we think…

Josh - No

Although my heart is telling me to say yes to a Carles Gil return in 2020, I cannot logically justify a return this season.

After learning of Gil’s injury in July, I was on board with having Gil return later this season. Yet thinking through the risks and rewards of a Carles Gil return, I do not believe a Gil return is a feasible option for Bruce Arena and the Revolution coaching staff.

Now I know Carles’ doctor is saying he is ready to go, I honestly take that with a grain of salt. Bruce Arena and staff will not know Carles Gil’s status until he can return to New England and can be examined by Revolution medical staff. Regardless of whether Gil is ready to return now, is it worth having Carles Gil return with the chance of possibly becoming injured again?

No! If I am Bruce Arena, I look at the roster we have now and work with what we have throughout the remainder of the 2020 season and possible playoff run.

It would be more beneficial for Gil and the Revolution if he were to focus on getting back to 110% for the remainder of 2020. I would rather see Gil take the time now and gear up for the 2021 preseason, where he can come in and build chemistry and cohesion with his teammates. That way, the Revolution can go into the 2021 MLS season ready to go and put their best foot forward.

I think we need to be patient with Gil’s return and wait until the 2021 season.


I am extremely happy for Carles that is back at training and certainly seems to be in good health.

Even before the pandemic, and certainly now, I had hoped that 2020 would be a building year for the Revs. Get a full season of their three Designated Players on the field, continue to build the roster around them, move up the East standings, and in 2021 really have a go at trophies. The Revs are for the most part meeting all of these expectations on the field and could very well host a playoff game in November.

Now, all that being said, if the Revs determine that Gil is back to 100% health AND full game fitness and allow him to play, I would hope it would be mostly off the bench or in a platoon roll with Lee Nguyen at midfield to limit his minutes. But under no circumstances should the Revs be relying or forcing Gil into a lot of action this year, even for a playoff run and I would shut him down at even the slightest discomfort.

The biggest positive for Gil and the Revs might be the training reps Carles gets with Adam Buksa up top as the Revs DP striker has struggled in his first year in New England. Is part of that Buksa’s own form, sure...but the turnover for the Revs at CAM and getting service to Buksa without Gil in the middle surely didn’t help.

There are more important things going on right now than winning soccer games and I would be extremely cautious with Gil on the field getting first team minutes.


It’s not breaking news to say that the Revolution are a better team with Carles Gil. If they can get him back on the field they should.

If Gil is able to get back on the field we will get to see the duo of Gil and Bou back again. Gustavo has had a mediocre season so far but still leads the team in goals. With Gil distributing the ball Bou could increase those numbers by a lot.

Also we would get to see Buksa and Gil play together in some competitive minutes. Looking ahead to 2021 this will be crucial to New England’s success. If Buksa wants to be successful he needs to build some chemistry with Gil.

This is also a season that has been wild to say the least. MLS played a tournament in Disney for crying out loud! This seems like a year where anything can happen. With Gil in the starting XI the Revolution would be a much better team and that could propel them to a successful performance in the MLS Cup Playoffs.


If the Revs make the playoffs—which they should—and Gil is fully healthy—fingers crossed—Arena has to get his midfielder maestro on the field.

As we’ve seen, anything can happen in 2020, which makes it the perfect year for the Revs to win their first-ever championship. Their best path to doing this is to get Gil on the field. Remember, he created 12 chances in his only 90-minute performance this season.

An improved attack combined with a back line that has been pretty stingy could mean success. The MLS playoffs are wild, after all.