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Revolution goalkeeper puts on mass, possibly because of manly mustache

Matt Turner has a glorious ‘stache.

MLS: 2016 Portraits-New England Revolution USA TODAY Sports

With over a foot of snow blanketing New England, I spent a bit of time on Tuesday pursuing the New England Revolution hashtag. The online forum included a lot of commonly seen tweets, such as news articles, promotional information, and, yes, complaints about the current stadium situation.

It was all to be expected. That is until I came across this unique piece of information.

According to the tweet, Matt Turner’s official weight increased 20 pounds. The netminder was previously listed at 175, which is the same number found on Fairfield University’s website.

So, why the change?

Perhaps the new number is simply more realistic. Or maybe the goalkeeper has a new training regiment. Of course, this could also be a case of padding the stats, which is a common practice in professional sports.

The Revolution’s official account provided their own theory about the situation and we think they might be right.