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Did the Revs deserve a PK against NYCFC?

Kelyn Rowe wanted a PK in the 8th minute but referee David Gantar didn't agree. Who's right?

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

In the 8th minute of Wednesday's game between the New England Revolution and New York City FC, Lee Nguyen used a chip pass to put Kelyn Rowe in on goal. The midfielder prepped to challenge Josh Saunder's net but was tackled by Jefferson Mena before he could unleash a shot. Rowe pleaded for a penalty kick but referee David Gantar opted for a corner.

Did the referee make the right decision? Let's take a look.

And because it's such a quick play, here's another angle.

In my opinion, it's a hard call for the referee to make because it happens so quickly. Making matters more difficult is the fact that several players had already slipped on the new turf. Does Mena foul Rowe? It certainly looks like it, but I understand the no call.

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