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The Revolution should pursue Kei Kamara at the trade deadline

The MLS primary transfer window closes today, and the Revs should make moves.

Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

The MLS transfer window closes today, meaning no players will be traded or loaned to the Revs until the 4th of July when it reopens. The Revolution have not been good this season, and that notion is clear to the front office and the coaching staff. Even though some supporters may argue differently, the coaching staff is minimally at fault here. The on-field production has simply been lacking. With today being the last chance to make any changes for over a month and a half, the Revs should make a move.

The biggest news in MLS since yesterday has been Columbus Crew SC's response to the conflict between Designated Players (DP) Kei Kamara and Federico Higuain. During the Crew's match on Saturday, the two players visibly argued on-field over who would take a penalty kick, and Kamara continued their scuffle by bashing Higuain after the game. The disagreement caught the media's attention, and Kamara was put under the spotlight for handling it immaturely. Yesterday, per Grant Wahl, Columbus made it known that they were looking to trade Kamara, last season's co-leading scorer.

Although the Revs are not inclined to sign big name players with big contracts, Kamara to New England should be a no-brainer. The key word, however, is should. Will General Manager Mike Burns make a last minute move to acquire Kamara? Probably not. The front office and coaching staff have shown their support for the current Revolution attacking corps and most likely will not make any changes. I am going to tell you why they should.

First, and this is the most obvious point, Kei Kamara is good at soccer. He scores goals. The Revolution have tallied just 13 goals in 11 matches, managing to score more than 2 goals in a single match just once. Additionally, of those 13 goals, just 4 have been scored by attackers. Kamara scored 22 times last season, tied for the league lead with MVP Sebastian Giovinco, and has scored 5 times already this season.

The Revs midfield has done its job this season with its playmaking ability, led by Lee Nguyen. What the team lacks, however, is a finisher. You can't score if you don't shoot the ball, and that is what Kamara brings to the table. He is an exceptional poacher and would fit right into Jay Heaps' system as the lone striker. Kamara averages 4.1 shots per 90 minutes this season, compared to Teal Bunbury (2.6), Juan Agudelo (3.2), and Charlie Davies (2.6).

From a front office point of view, a trade for Kamara makes sense as well. The Revolution are one of just seven teams in the league with an open DP spot. Jose Goncalves is the team's only Designated Player, though the injured Xavier Kouassi is scheduled to join the ranks this summer. All told, the Revs have the space for Kamara, and the fans know first-hand from 2014 how much a high profile DP can impact a team.

The Columbus Crew are urgent to get rid of Kamara with very limited time which may end up resulting in a lower cost. The Revs would likely have to give up one of the three previously mentioned strikers, as well as either another player and/or Targeted Allocation Money (TAM). Nonetheless, the front office should consider Kamara and Higuain's squabble a blessing and capitalize on it.

My last point is not based on on-field product, but on revenue. With the departure of former-DP Jermaine Jones this offseason, many more seats at Gillette Stadium became empty. The average attendance in 2015 approached 20,000, which has fallen by almost 4,000 so far in 2016. Big name DP's not only improve the quality of play, but the butts in seats as well. As far as I'm concerned, the Revs need improvement in both of those areas.

Again, Mike Burns and the front office will likely not make a blockbuster move for Kei Kamara, but they should. Kamara would be a fit in New England and would show Revs fans what a win feels like for the first time in ages.