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Did the Revolution deserve a PK against Toronto?

Teal Bunbury went down moments before Sebastian Giovinco's goal. Should the referee have pointed to the spot?

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Seconds before Sebastian Giovinco leveled the scoring for Toronto FC, the New England Revolution were looking for a penalty on the opposite end. The play in question featured Drew Moor making a last-gasp tackle on Teal Bunbury. Bunbury fell to the turf, leaving referee Edvin Jurisevic with a decision. He ultimately decided to play on.

Watching the tape during his press conference, head coach Jay Heaps said, "I mean, you can see right there, some of you guys don’t have to see, he kicks him--you can hear it from the bench. The fact that four guys didn’t see it is--it’s sad."

Heaps also stated that five out of six games so far have been "determined by a referee error," a trend that he called "disappointing."

So, did the Revs deserve a penalty on Saturday? The replay above shows Moor dragging his leg, impeding Bunbury's movement. It's not the most egregious tackle, but it's enough to prevent Bunbury from going to goal, which means that a PK should've been awarded.

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