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Was it right for the Revolution to continue play after Lawrence's injury?

The Revolution scored on Friday night, but the goal was accompanied by plenty of controversy.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

When the New England Revolution scored in the 55th minute of Friday's game, it was the first time they had done so from the run of play in 325 minutes. The tally wasn't without controversy, however, as New York Red Bulls defender Kemar Lawrence was down injured when Diego Fagundez slotted home Juan Agudelo's pass. Lawrence would ultimately be replaced by Chris Duvall.

Red Bulls players were quick to voice their displeasure to referee Mark Geiger. The referee, who was active during the 2014 World Cup, would hear none of it and even issued a yellow card to goalkeeper Luis Robles.

The hometown fans were happy to hear the familiar sound of the Dropkick Murphy's "The Boys are Back," but were the Revs right to play on?

In my opinion, they were. While it might not be the most sporting thing to do, the Revs had every right to finish their attacking opportunity. If Geiger believed that it was necessary to stop play, he could've done so.

What do you think of the goal? Were the Revs right to play on? Or do you believe that they were showcasing a lack of sportsmanship? Vote in our poll or let us know in the comments section below.