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What should Revolution fans be worried about?

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What's plaguing the Revs so far? Our staff attempts to find answers.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Revolution are three games into the season and haven't recorded a win. Things aren't going particularly well for the Revs, who made the MLS Cup Final in 2014. It might be premature to panic, but fans should be at least a little concerned, and here's why:

Seth: The Back Line

The Revs have allowed six goals in three games. That's an average of two goals a game, a stat that would be worse if it wasn't for Shuttleworth saving two penalties versus the Union. The defense has looked disorganized for the bulk of 2016, which is concerning because most of the players are holdovers from last year. Is the partnership of Jose Goncalves and Andrew Farrell good enough? Is Chris Tierney getting exposed too often? Is Je-Vaughn Watson the answer at right back? These are questions that have surfaced after the first few games of the season, and Jay Heaps needs to find answers.

Jon: Roster Stability

The Revs have built a core around the likes of Jose Goncalves, Scott Caldwell, Kelyn Rowe and others, but has it hurt the club? The group's longevity undoubtedly brings about familiarity, but is there also an element of staleness? That is, has the rest of MLS figured out what Jay Heaps' team brings to the table each year? If the answers to those questions are yes, then it's up to New England to discover solutions quickly. Complacency has the potential to be catastrophic, and MLS is evolving at a fervent rate. Should the Revs fall in the direction of contentment, it's increasingly likely they'll fall behind those establishing a dynamic standard.

Jake C: The Standings

I know it's too early to panic about the standings, and two points from three games (only one at home) isn't that terrible.A lot of teams (looking at you Seattle) are struggling to start the 2016 campaign and the MLS season is a long one. But the Revs have a very tough stretch coming in the next two weeks and they'll be doing it without two key players in Je-Vaughn Watson and Lee Nguyen due to suspensions and international duty. At the very least, the Revs need to have five points from their first five games, which isn't an unrealistic goal. If the Revs get two results that would be great, but they need to at least have their first win in the books after the Red Bulls come to Foxboro. Five points in as many games to start a year is still fairly meager, but the Revs can't still have two points at this time two weeks from now, because then the panic button will have been pressed repeatedly.

Nick: The Attack

On paper, the Revolution attack overflows with talent: Charlie Davies, a one-time USMNT mainstay. Juan Agudelo, a 23-year-old with 20 international caps and six seasons of pro experience under his belt. Teal Bunbury, a former first-round SuperDraft pick who scored nine goals during his sophomore season. But is this unit as deep as it sounds? Only Davies has consistently contributed (14 goals in 53 appearances). Bunbury has averaged just one goal every 16 appearances. And Agudelo, despite showing isolated glimpses of his potential, has not convinced Heaps that he belongs in the Starting XI. Has Heaps failed to tap into their potential? Or have they simply underperformed? Either way, this club needs more production from its frontrunners.