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Freeform Friday - Best Tailgating Food For the Revs Home Opener

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The Revs home opener is tomorrow, so the staff breaks down the best grub to bring to a tailgate.

See the guy with the yellow scarf in the front row? That's Monty Rodrigues, go eat his steak tips.
See the guy with the yellow scarf in the front row? That's Monty Rodrigues, go eat his steak tips.
Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

The only thing that might be better than actually going to watch a live sporting event, is completely stuffing your face at the tailgate before hand.

So in honor of our new Friday segment and tomorrow's New England Revolution home opener, our staff presents their top picks for the best tailgate.

Jake Catanese -1. Sausage/Hot Dogs, 2. Chili, 3. Chips/Dip

There might be some heavy Connecticut bias with this top pick, but there's nothing better or simpler that firing up a grill and loading it with sausages and hot dogs. The variety of sausage in particular, sweet Italian, spicy, cheese filled, just adds to versatility of my top pick. If you want some onions and peppers to go with the sausage, that's fine, but I basically just need a bun and some mustard. Chili is perhaps a little harder to pull off at the tailgate, but cooking a pot and then reheating on site to share with the masses always goes over well. Lastly, chips and dip is another versatile staple, ranging from potato chips and a jar of onion dip to tortilla chips with Velveeta/Rotel.

Steve Stoehr - 1. Sausage, 2. Alcohol, 3. Monty's Steak Tips

Preferably kielbasa or italian sausage, personally. Sausages are the ultimate go-to tailgate food and, unlike the staid and boring "burgers and dogs, guys!" answers of my compatriots, sausages are actually interesting. This question was about favorites, no? Not just easiest or most common? That's what I thought. Nobody likes the typical supermarket frozen-patty hockey pucks most of you lazy sacks are toasting up on your little kiddie grills.

Obviously. Also, drink responsibly.

You all know Monty Rodrigues. Last time I was at a match as a fan and not in the press box, I spent some time hanging out with Monty. He made marinated steak tips. They were delicious. Everyone should try them. Find Monty, eat his steak tips.

Stephanie Yang -1. Hot dogs, 2. Chips + dip, 3. Burgers

Simple, versatile, cheap. If people want something fancier they just have to add toppings. You don't even need a plate for a hot dog, so it cuts down on trash.

Honestly this can fluctuate depending on the chips and the dip, but good old salso or queso are hard to beat. There's also spinach artichoke for the fancier set. Hummus does NOT count as dip; it's just a sad reminder that you don't have any actual dip. if the dip is any kind of homemade like seven-layer, then it shoots to the top of this list over hot dogs.

They're a little more time-intensive than hot dogs, but once again they're easily modified with toppings, and they also create a good base in your stomach if you're going to be drinking. Don't listen to Jake; chili is a messy mistake that requires a ton of accoutrement. You want burgers: easy, portable, flavor-adaptable.

Matty Jollie - 1. Burgers/Dogs, 2. chips/dip, 3. alcohol

Burgers and dogs are clearly the fan favorite, given the their simplicity in preparation as well as deliciousness.

Chips and dip are not only an easy choice, but it's the last choice as well. Chips and dip are the quintessential "oh shit I forgot to grab something...oh I know I'll grab Tostitos"

And alcohol, because, alcohol. And don't bother me with "oh it's not a food", because you're wrong.

Jon Sigal -1. Burgers/Hot Dogs, 2. Chili, 3. Chips/Dip

There are few things more American than lighting up the grill and throwing on some burgers and dogs. They hardly take any time to prepare, and if you're feeling fancy there are condiment and other options, too. That's right guy with gouda cheese on his turkey burger, I see you.

I still have no idea what makes a good chili, but I don't care. As a matter of fact, I don't even know why I like chili so much or what makes it special. However, I do know I can eat bowl after bowl of it, and that's the only answer I need.

Break out the guac, break out the queso and break out the pico de gallo. Skip over the canned salsa, though, because that's chunky and gross. Also, Tostitos scoops should be a staple of every person's diet. They're pretty much a ladle you can eat, and what's better than that?

Did we miss anything? Have a favorite recipe you'd like to share, or better yet, bring to Gillette Stadium tomorrow? Leave some comments down below.