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This Revolution jersey mock-up is stunning

I bet a lot of fans would rock this look.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Over the years, many have attempted to give the New England Revolution a makeover, whether it's a new crest, jersey, or both. The most recent design comes from Nerea Palacios, an artist from Barcelona, Spain.

The concept for Palacios' work is simple: What would MLS jerseys look like if they were produced by Nike? The results were quite impressive.

Palacios' Revs jersey stays true to the team's past, keeping the same logo and traditional color scheme. While most of the shirt is blue, there are red pieces, including the collar and shoulders. The darkened blue stripes that mirror the team's flag logo are appealing details. The jersey pairs nicely with white shorts, a look that the Revs have donned before.

Palacios' work is a bit far-fetched, of course, as the league currently has a sponsorship deal with Adidias. That said, this jersey mock-up is certainly impressive.

To see all of Palacios' MLS designs, click here.