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Revolution June Player of the Month: Lee Nguyen

After a disappointing start to the season, Lee Nguyen has gradually found his form, earning June TBM Player of the Month honors. Did we get it right?

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Revolution struggled in June, recording just one win in five matches. But despite the club's regression, Lee Nguyen turned in a steady campaign, showing flashes of his MVP-caliber 2014 season. But does he deserves Player of the Month honors? Share your opinion below.

Player of the Month: Lee Nguyen

Score: 10 votes (out of a possible 12)

June Player Rating: 5.5

Nguyen's goal against Columbus was vintage Lee, picking up the ball, attacking space, and ripping a shot with confidence...

Steve: One goal and one assist is hardly a haul in a month's worth of work from a guy who almost won the league MVP last year. That said, he has looked miles better than in the prior months, and is much closer to that radiant form that he displayed in 2014 than he was in April or May. Nguyen's goal against Columbus was vintage Lee, picking up the ball, attacking space, and ripping a shot with confidence instead of hesitation. His creative juices have been flowing all month long, too, and if his teammates start finishing the chances he creates, he should be just fine for the rest of the year.

Nick: After struggling through the early stages of 2015, Nguyen has gradually played his way back into form. Whether defenders laid off, or he picked better spots, Nguyen simply had more space to to roam and create in June. He used this space to turn in a strong campaign, collecting a goal and an assist during a hard-pressed month for his club.

Runner Up: Teal Bunbury

Score: 7 votes

June Player Rating: 5.1

Seth: June was a rough month for the Revolution, but that had little to do with the efforts of Bunbury. The winger worked tirelessly on both sides of the ball in hopes of reversing the summer funk. In the end, Bunbury's one goal and two assists just weren't enough. Regardless, he should be recognized for his spirit and drive.

Jake: In a month of largely stagnant offense for the Revs, notching a goal and two assists pretty much means you're on fire in the attacking end for New England. Teal has grown so strong in his winger role that months like this are very routine from him and often go unnoticed because of all the work he does on the defensive end. There's not a lot going right for the Revs right now, but it certainly doesn't have anything to do with the way Teal has been playing.

Honorable Mention: Charlie Davies

Score: 3 votes

June Player Rating: 5.67

Nick: In June, when his club struggled to score goals, Davies stayed warm. His finish against the Chicago Fire sealed his team's only win of the month, and his goal against D.C. United gave his club a lead over it's Eastern-Conference leading rival. Even in matches when his midfield looked out-classed, and service never arrived, Charlie maintained his high work rate.

Steve: Charlie scored twice in a tough month of June, and for me, that's enough to at least be considered for Player of the Month. More than that, it's his amazing work as a lone striker, ripping defenses apart with his running and movement that makes him such a key player for this team. He showcased that and more throughout the month of June, and continues to look voracious in front of goal. A rare shot-less performance against Vancouver is probably his only blip on the whole, and even in that match he still played well.