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Revs Stadium Still Unlinked to Olympic Project

Boston 2024 has not talked to the Kraft family about combining efforts in a project that would culminate in a soccer-specific stadium at Widett Circle post-2024.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It's long been reported that Boston's Olympic bid and the New England Revolution's search for a permanent home are separate projects and that still appears to be the case. In fact, the Boston Olympic committee has not spoken to the Krafts about putting a soccer specific stadium near Widett Circle, according to a report from the Boston Business Journal.

Both projects either target or influence land off of Interstate 93 on Frontage Road in South Boston. It was once proposed that a homeless shelter be built there, but motives have since shifted.

The Boston 2024 committee is currently hoping to build a stadium for the opening and closing ceremonies at Widett Cricle. With this being a temporary measure, there were thoughts that the stadium could be downgraded and used by the Revolution. However, that doesn't seem to part of the plan. The Revolution have been rumored to be focusing on Frontage Road, which lies just south of Widett Circle on city-owned land.

"I’ve talked to Jonathan (Kraft) about supporting the Olympics, and obviously we announced that Foxborough stadium will be used for football and rugby, but we have not talked to the Krafts about a permanent stadium," Boston 2024 CEO Richard Davey told the Boston Business Journal. "I can’t speak to whether or not it would work from a feasibility perspective, from a political perspective, from a financial perspective. Our charge was really to look at a temporary stadium, and what that mixed-use neighborhood could look like after the Olympics Games. ... We put this plan out and no one has said to us, 'You made a mistake, come back with a temporary or permanent soccer stadium.’ Obviously things could change, but that’s not where we are."

Davey's statement is in line with previous reports that claim that the two stadium searches are separate. One such report even stated that the Revs ownership group has increased their pursuit of a stadium in order to beat out Boston 2024.