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Revolution 0-2 Portland Timbers: Player Ratings and Man of the Match

Following a disappointing road defeat, we offer grades for all 14 players who appeared for Jay Heaps. Who deserves Man of the Match honors? Vote below.

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After turning in a lethargic offensive performance--and conceding twice in the final four minutes of play--the Revolution fell victim to the Portland Timbers. Did anybody stand out in the club's 0-2 defeat? Vote for your Man of the Match below.

Rating Scale: 1.0 Goat 10.0 Golden Boy


Bobby Shuttleworth - 5.83

Jon - 5.5: The Timbers came at him in waves and he continually answered. Yes, Fanendo Adi got the best of him twice as the game wore on, but he was the reason why the Revs weren't trailing earlier on in the match. Jake - 6: Unfortunately, he took the loss in this one, even though he had a few stellar efforts to keep the match level until the end. Nick - 6: The scoreline failed to support Bobby's performance, as the keeper's strong positioning resulted in a handful of big-time saves.

London Woodberry - 4.83

Jon - 4.5: As we've come to expect, London got forward on multiple occasions, but the crosses were a little bit off the mark. Those forays led to room for Darlington Nagbe and other attackers to run into and that's never something you want to encourage as a defender. Jake - 5: Not every game is going to be brilliant. Wasn't his worst day, either, but he got caught upfield a few times and received his third yellow card of the season in his ninth start. Nick - 5: Mixed bag for Woodberry. Played a bit too physical, surrendered possession too often and hit a handful of puzzling crosses. He did stand strong defensively, however, amassing 5 tackles, 2 interceptions, and a pair of clearances.

Andrew Farrell - 6.17

Jon - 5.5: Much like Bobby, the match could've gotten much worse if it weren't for Farrell's interventions. He largely contained whichever Portland attacker came his way and is consistently putting in sound performances. Jake - 6.5: He's a few more games away from entering the conversation of Goncalves 2013 territory. Farrell's been outstanding over the last two months. Nick - 6.5: Very positive performance. I'm continually amazed by his strength--it takes a special cross, shot or dribbling sequence to beat Farrell, and he seems to rise to the occasion when pressure mounts.

Jose Goncalves - 5.33

Jon - 5: It was a decent match for the Portuguese center-back and his only real fault comes on the second goal. The cross to the middle of the six beat him and left a sour note on a night where he was all in, all the time. Jake - 5.5: Could've done better on the second goal but he and the defense held out for 85 minutes as best they could under an onslaught of pressure without getting much help in the second half. Nick - 5.5: Stood strong for the majority of the match, but poor marking left a damper on his performance in the waning moments.

Chris Tierney - 4.33

Jon - 4.5: The left-back was strong in possession, but struggled to deal with Portland's pace at times. It's his one true fault and he also offered all he could when he surprisingly got moved up to left-mid. Jake - 4: Portland is perhaps a nightmare matchup for Tierney, as he's forced to defend more and when his team is struggling for possession. Not even moving him up to midfield is going to change the impact he has on the game. Nick - 4.5: Moved up the field with purpose, but never really had an opportunity to impact the match with his service. Average defensive shift; made a few key tackles, but also looked a half-step behind Portland's attack.

Scott Caldwell - 4.33

Jon - 4.5: After being so strong in May, Caldwell struggled some in the Rose City. Gaston Fernandez and Nagbe both gave him fits and he misplaced more passes than we've grown accustomed to seeing. I only see this as a hiccup, though. Jake - Another player who struggled with the Timbers pressure, Caldwell easily had one of his worst games of the season, though those have been few and far between this season. The early turnovers were noticeable and the Revs were lucky not to concede on one of the Timbers many attacking spells in the first half. Nick - 4.5: Our May Player of the Month opened June with an out-of-character performance. At times, Scotty chased the match, looking overpowered by Portland's front runners. Earns a bonus point for connecting on 93.9% of his passes (but loses half a point for a handful of sloppy turnovers).

Andy Dorman - 5.83

Jon - 5: Much to my surprise, Dorman got subbed off in the second half. I thought he was great up until then and deserved the chance to finish out the contest. Jake - 6.5: Of all the Revolution midfielders, Dorman probably had the best game. Caldwell-like efficiency with his passing and didn't commit a single foul (or get a yellow card) so it was strange to see him lifted with 6 minutes to go for the more technical Kobayashi.  Nick - 6: Extremely efficient passing (94.4%) and surprisingly clean defending should earn Dorman a Man of the Match shout.

Lee Nguyen - 4

Jon - 4.5: Lee lacked the killer instinct we so regularly observed last year, but was strong in possession. His one major demerit is when he hacked down Nagbe in the build-up to the first goal. That type of play just isn't necessary. Jake - 3.5: His habit of chopping down opponents from behind needs to end--not because his yellow card-worthy foul on Nagbe led to the free kick that was the Timbers opener, but because I think he was lucky to stay on the field when he rolled up on the back of Nagbe's leg on the follow through. Nick - 4: After serving a one-game suspension for a pair of reckless fouls, Lee nearly left the field again after and inexplicable take-down of Nagbe (which of course, led to the game winner). It's a shame, too, because Lee had a handful of clever ideas moving forward.

Teal Bunbury - 4

Jon - 4: Teal got into things early with Jorge Villafana and couldn't quite find his way into the match as it wore on. His subbing off was deserved and it was an uncommon dip in form for him. Jake - 4: I liked the intensity he had early, but that always meant he had to be subbed off in the second half to keep him from getting a second yellow--which is a shame, because the Revs missed his defensive presence at the end of the game. Nick - 4: Just couldn't harness his energy and drive, from the early goings to his early exit.

Kelyn Rowe - 5.33

Jon - 5: He was the one attacker who was getting into promising positions. He couldn't finish any of his shots, but I liked what he brought to the table, especially after some cameo minutes in weeks past. Jake - 5.5: Didn't have a lot to do offensively but did put two shots on target and drew three fouls. Arguably the most productive Revs' attacker of the day. Nick - 5: Flew out of the gate with great energy, but seemed to play his way out of the match following a few ambitious shots. Hasn't quite found his rhythm in 2015.

Charlie Davies - 5.33

Jon - 5.5: Much like Rowe, the striker brought a little something extra when he was out there. He struggled to get into shooting positions, but served as a vital release valve all night long. Jake - 5: Somehow got the Santander MOTM award (should've been Farrell), which I disagree with, but it wasn't a bad day for Davies who put in a lot of work, even with the Revs starved for the ball for most of the game. Nick - 5: Worked hard all night long--and made a handful of strong runs--but never had an opportunity to leave his mark.


Kevin Alston - 3.5

Jon - 4: Alston is pretty solid when he starts, but he just can't put it all together as a sub lately. Yes, both goals could be traced to him, but it's hard to fault the man when he's left to mark a much, much, much taller Adi on a set piece. Jake - 3: I don't like subs with a lot of moving parts, but Alston's supposed to be the speedy fullback. Losing your mark in the box is something that happens, getting blown by with a speed move on the counter before the second goal? Shouldn't happen to Alston, that's why he's in the game. Nick - 3.5: If he wants to play his way back into the Starting XI, Alston needs to practice tighter marking--and avoid ball watching, as he did on Adi's first tally.

Sean Okoli - 4.5

Jon - 4: The former Sounders Homegrown product earned his minutes out there, but couldn't show as well as he likely hoped. He's still learning the inner workings of being a pro and should have a chance to shine in the Open Cup. Jake - 5: Drew a penalty shout in the dying minutes when he was upended in the box but referee Rivero opted for a no-call. He's buried on the depth chart a bit but with Agudelo's looming Gold Cup absence approaching he could be in line for more minutes. Nick - 4.5: Would love to grade a longer performance from Okoli. The former Sounders man has a lot to offer, but the club's lifeless attack had completely fizzed by the time he joined the cause.

Daigo Kobayashi - N/A

Jon: He didn't have a ton of time to make an impact. Nothing special, nothing poor. Jake: I like the fact that he's getting minutes, should have been on much earlier in the game, possibly for Caldwell. Nick: Daigo is an asset to this club, but I still believe his tactical skillset is better suited for a starting role. Nice to see the former Starting XI mainstay on the pitch, though.