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Revolution May Player of the Month: Scott Caldwell

For the second consecutive month, Scott Caldwell took home Player of the Month honors. Did we get it right?

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

After collecting a goal and three assists in the month of May--and turning in a stout defensive campaign--Scott Caldwell caught our attention once again. Does Caldwell deserve Player of the Month honors? We think so. Cast your own vote below.

Player of the Month: Scott Caldwell

Score: 10 votes (out of a possible 15)

May Player Rating: 6.79

Jon: The Homegrown player is quietly becoming an offensive threat out of midfield. Everyone already knows how much ground he covers defensively, but now he is adding a deceptively strong scoring ability and some solid vision. All signs are indicating that Caldwell won't be slowing down any time soon, too.

So steady. So smooth. So American. Caldwell has grown exponentially in his three years as a professional...

Seth: So steady. So smooth. So American. Caldwell has grown exponentially in his three years as a professional with his most recent development happening on the offensive end. The Homegrown product ended May with one goal and three assists, an impressive haul for someone who primarily focuses on defense. By the way, he was pretty good at that too.

Matty: He just keeps getting better. I think what holds Scotty back at times is that he doesn’t fit that "destroyer" mold that we all love at CDM, and it overshadows the other things he does well. He’s technically very sound, and I’m quite impressed with the improvement of his offensive distribution. Also, getting on the scoresheet has got to feel great for him.

Runner Up: Andrew Farrell

Score: 9 votes (2 first-place votes)

May Player Rating: 6.8

Nick: The Revs' stalwart defender turned in another memorable campaign in May, showcasing his steady development in the CB spot. Against DC United, when his team went down to 9 men, Farrell served his club with strong decision making and physical defensive play, arguably turning in his best performance of the season. Farrell is an unsung leader on a club with several strong personalities.

Jake: Farrell deserves recognition not for the games he did play, when he was largely fantastic, but for the one he didn't play. That disaster of a midweek game where the Revs leaked four goals to a depleted Sporting KC side speaks volumes to Farrell's growth this season. In the first two weeks of the season, Farrell and Goncalves looked out of sync as partners, and the Revs defense overall struggled with Farrell acclimating to a new position. Since those two opening games, the Revs have only lost once and it's no coincidence that Farrell was on the bench for it.

Jon: As the Far Post Podcast guys were saying last week, Farrell just flat out loves to defend. He's one of the nicest guys off the field, but once he steps over the white line he transforms into a defensive beast. I've simply lost track of how many times he has cleared the ball out of danger, muscled a striker off the ball, or made a strong challenge.

Honorable Mention: Charlie Davies

Score: 9 votes (1 first-place vote)

May Player Rating: 6.29

Matty: Charlie hit his stride a little bit in May, scoring three goals in big spots (I’m admittedly a sucker for goals against rivals, and Charlie scored against both NYRB and DC). When a team is struggling to win games like the Revs are now, it’s important to have a veteran forward who can contribute and get you out of your funk.

Nick: After wrapping up the month of April with a crucial equalizer in Philadelphia, Davies scored 3 goals in 5 May starts. Much of his success can be attributed to a strong work rate, which persisted even when the Revolution midfield struggled to find him up top. His goal against DC United--spoiled by a pair of red cards--highlighted a month where he scored from the air, from the ground and, in this case, off a deflected shot. When you're hot, you're hot.

Seth: The preseason signing of Juan Agudelo brought uncertainty in regards to Davies' role with the team. The New Hampshire native battled adversity well and established himself as a first-choice starter. After a solid April, Davies continued to torment defenses in May, providing three goals and one assist. His skills in front of the net are important for the Revs, who often rely on rely on their dynamic attack to grab full points.