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Krafts talk with Boston officials about stadium site

The Kraft family has met with Boston officials twice since December about building a soccer specific stadium.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

We know that the Krafts are in discussions with Boston officials about building a soccer specific stadium. We just don't know how much progress is being made.

The Kraft family has met with city representatives twice since December, according to a report from Adam Vaccaro at The meetings, one held mid-December and the other early March, were largely used to look at the finances for creating a permanent home for the New England Revolution. Specific details were unavailable, though Dave Sweeney, the city’s chief financial officer, was in attendance.

Representatives from both parties had little to offer when asked to comment.

"Discussions are ongoing," City spokesperson Laura Oggeri told before adding, "No additional meetings have been scheduled at this time."

A Revolution spokesperson said, "It has been a long stated goal of the club to build an urban soccer stadium for the Revolution but we have no comments on any specific updates at this time."

News about the Krafts building a soccer specific stadium has ramped up in recent months with tangible tidbits becoming available. In Nov, 2014, the Boston Globe reported that Frontage Road near Widett Circe in South Boston was being eyed as a potential location. Cell phone images emerged soon after that implied that Populous could be tasked with building the stadium. In Mar. 2015, the Boston Business Journal claimed that the Boston Olympic bid has motivated the Krafts to get a stadium deal done.

The amount of chatter can only be viewed as a good thing for Revolution fans, who have long heard vague promises about a stadium. Furthermore, the Frontage Road site, which a representative from the Boston Redevelopment Authority said was the "only site that’s been talked about that I’m aware of," would be ideal as it would allow for easy access via public transportation.

Expect news to continue to trickle out in a similar manner as it has in recent months because officials from Boston and the Revolution prefer to be diplomatic on this issue. Don't expect any concrete announcement until a plan is officially in place. After all, the Revs have been close before, according to former head coach Steve Nicol, but the shovel ultimately didn't break soil.

If this current situation doesn't result in a soccer specific stadium, Taylor Twellman could provide the best road forward.

"I see it happening in the next five years," Twellman told Frank Dell’Apa of "If it doesn’t happen while I’m at ESPN, I’ll find a way to buy the team and build it myself."