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Jones, Abang Fined by MLS Disciplinary Committee

Jermaine Jones, Anatole Abang, and Revs goalkeepers coach Remi Roy have been fined for their involvement in Saturday's extracurriculars.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The extracurriculars that happened after Saturday's game between the New England Revolution and New York Red Bulls have drawn the ire of the MLS Disciplinary Committee. The committee has announced that Jermaine Jones, Anatole Abang, and Revs goalkeepers coach Remi Roy have been fined for their involvement.

The incident being disciplined happened after the final whistle. Jones approached Felipe Martins, whom he had exchanged words with throughout the game. The discussions between the two midfielders attracted players from both sides as they looked to quell the issue. Mounting tensions led to physicality, eventually leading to separation.

Jones, Abang, and Roy have each been fined an undisclosed amount. The official release states that Jones is being singled out for "violating the league’s policy regarding hands to the head/face/neck of an opponent, and for instigating/escalating an incident." Similarly, Abang is being fined for "escalating the incident" while Roy is being chastised for "his involvement in the situation."

After some initial controversy over what was said that sparked the incident, Felipe and Jones have apparently made nice and called it a misunderstanding. Jones confirmed it with the following tweet:

The Disciplinary Committee also stated that both the Revs and Red Bulls have violated the league's Mass Confrontation Policy.

The Revs have been drawing a lot of attention from the Disciplinary Committee lately as they were warned for mass confrontation during week six. Davies was warned a week later for wearing an "unsanctioned undergarment."