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Agudelo Thinks Nguyen Could Play in the EPL

Juan Agudelo said that teammate Lee Nguyen has the skill to play in the English Premier League.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

While many people are criticizing Lee Nguyen for not putting up the same numbers that he did last season, colleague Juan Agudelo is offering nothing but praise. In fact, Agudelo believes that Nguyen could play in the English Premier League.

"Yeah, I believe so," Agudelo replied when asked if Nguyen could transition to the EPL during an Extra Time Radio interview. "I told him that those guys are big over there. He’s got to go to the gym a little bit but I think with his technical ability [he should be fine]. He’s one of the top players in the league with his feet and it would definitely protect him from getting bodied."

During the interview, Andrew Wiebe referenced a rumor from last year that linked Nguyen with Southampton. Nguyen does have a connection with the club as current head coach Ronald Koeman brought the midfielder to PSV Eindhoven in 2006. While the whispers of a move have since quieted, Agudelo believes that The Saints could be a good fit, noting that "Southampton plays good football."

Regardless of if Nguyen eventually moves to Europe, Agudelo is happy to currently call him a teammate. It’s the little things that Nguyen does on a daily basis that helps Agudelo, Charlies Davies, and the other New England Revolution attackers.

"Lee Nguyen is an amazing player, a player that’s able to manage the game [and] keep the ball," Agudelo said. "It makes us strikers look good."

Addressing complaints that Nguyen hasn’t been productive this season, Agudelo cited the fact that the Revs are currently one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference. This is at least in small part because of Nguyen, even if the numbers don’t show it.

"He is being effective for us and that’s the most important thing," Agudelo stated.