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Agudelo and Nguyen on dubsmash, plus two other social media highlights

Brad Knighton vs Diego Fagundez in a race. Who ya got?!

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The weather is getting nice, which probably means that your outside more and on social media less. Don't worry though because we're here to catch you up on the week's best online moments featuring the New England Revolution.

1. Lee Nguyen and Juan Agudelo kill time by praising McNuggets

Time Flies when you're ... into nuggets?!!

A video posted by Lee Nguyen (@leenguyen24) on

Sitting in the Orlando International Airport, the attacking duo decided to use dubsmash to recreate a catchy McDonald's commercial that you probably have stuck in your head now. It's definitely a solid performance by Agudelo, who has the demeanor of a young rap star.

2. Brad Knighton challenges Diego Fagundez to a race

Why would a goalkeeper challenge Fagundez to a skills competition? When it's for a good cause, of course. Last week, Knighton and Fagundez put on a show for the children of Hanscom Air Force Base. Although he tried his best, Knighton ultimately succumbed to the budding star.

3. Zach Herivaux plays as himself on FIFA

When you finally can play as yourself in FIFA ⚽️ Every kid's dream #fifa

A photo posted by Zachary Herivaux (@zherivaux100) on

It's every youngster's dream to play as him/herself in FIFA. This has become a reality for Herivaux, who just signed a contract with his hometown team. No word on how many goals Herivaux has already scored with his virtual self.