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Revolution 4-0 Real Salt Lake: Player Ratings and Man of the Match

We break down all 14 players who appeared for the Revolution--and ask you to vote for your Man of the Match.

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At home against midwest foe Real Salt Lake, the Revolution put on an attacking clinic, beating Alvaro Saborio's club for the first time in six seasons. In a crowded group of goalscorers and standout performers, who deserves Man of the Match Honors? Vote below!

Rating Scale: 1.0 Goat → 10.0 Golden Boy

Bobby Shuttleworth - 7.75 (April Average: 7.25)

Nick - 8.5: Made just 3 saves, but completely changed the course of the match with a fingertip stop on Luis Gil. Stayed alert despite a quiet second half to earn his fourth shutout of the season. Jake - 7: Through the first thirty minutes it seemed Bobby was going to have a busy game, but the Revolution turned up the offense and Bobby basically sat around having a picnic in the second half.

Chris Tierney - 8.75 (April Average: 6.58)

Nick - 9: Finally, his contributions resulted in a measurable performance. Fantastic individual skill left Tierney on his right foot, and he made Jeff Attinella pay. Later forced RSL's keeper into a sprawling stop--again off his right foot. Never ceases to amaze. Jake - 8.5: Saturday will forever be known as the day MLS learned that Chris Tierney has a right foot and it's actually pretty good. Someone find John Stertzer's ankles and turn them into lost and found--they were last seen in his own penalty area.

Jermaine Jones- 7.25 (April Average: 7.08)

Nick - 8: Shrugged off a sloppy start to turn in another memorable centerback performance. Accumulated 5 interceptions, made 3 strong tackles and patrolled the middle with purpose. Always seems to be aware of his teammates, whether they're a step behind or pushing toward goal. Jake - 6.5: I'm going to be a bit harsh on the centerbacks, who did not start the game well with numerous turnovers, getting caught with possession and sloppy passing. Thankfully, they both recovered nicely as RSL was shut down for most of the game. Still, Jones has done well at the back overall deputizing for Jose Goncalves.

Andrew Farrell - 7 (April Average: 6.88)

Nick - 7.5: Has continued to find his own in the middle. Made a handful of key clearances, and even extended on an athletic header to clear Bobby's box late in the second frame. Strong performance. Jake - 6.5: See Jones above, but after a miscue in the center of the field, Farrell recovered with speed to shut down the counter before RSL could capitalize. Farrell has been the only real constant in the backline this season due to injuries and he's really grown into the position this month.

London Woodberry - 7.5 (April Average: 8.25)

Nick - 7.5: I feared a "back to earth" performance, but Woodberry proved his debut against the Union was far from a fluke. Stood strong 1v1 and spun in a handful of clever crosses. Provides much more width moving forward than teammate Kevin Alston. Jake - 7.5: Ok, so it's two games. But the threat he provides down the right flank at this point is practically equal to Tierney. His service is outstanding and we're learning his defense is pretty solid as well.

Scott Caldwell - 7.75 (April Average: 7.25)

Nick - 7.5: Had his moments early on--including a sloppy pass to Jones that nearly resulted in a go-ahead goal--but undoubtedly seems more comfortable moving forward than he did last season. His efforts resulted in a lofting assist to Charlie Davies and a finesse finish past a screened Attinella. Deserves to stay in the Starting XI when Jones returns to the midfield. Jake - 8: That goal could be the proudest article Steve Stoehr has ever produced for this website, couldn't have happened to a more deserving player at this point.

Andy Dorman - 7 (April Average: 6.44)

Nick - 7: Built on his defensive performance against the Union to turn in a strong, physical match in the middle of the park. Clean passing (83.9%) and tidy aerial play helped the Revs win the possession battle. Jake - 7: Exactly what the Revs need from him, solid play, nothing flashy and a lot of hard work in the middle. The Revs haven't missed a beat without Jones in the midfield and he and Daigo Kobayahsi are the reasons why.

Teal Bunbury - 7 (April Average: 7.0)

Nick - 7: Another tireless match for Bunbury. Wreaked havoc in the attacking third and used his speed to keep RSL's back line scrambling to keep pace. Has likely played himself into the Starting XI for the foreseeable future. Jake - 7: The support he gets from Woodberry on the right flank adds another dimension to the Revs attack. Plus he's just an absolute menace on both sides of the ball; I didn't mind seeing him subbed off with the game well in hand.

Lee Nguyen - 6.75 (April Average: 6.44)

Nick - 6.5: Lee looked better this week, but his frustration served as an obvious representation of his early-season form. When you're struggling, those shots--one directly into Attinella, another off the woodowork--just don't find the net. Still served as a crucial component of the attack moving forward, and jumpstarted Agudelo's goal out of the middle. Jake - 7: Probably his best game of the year, four key passes as well as a rocket off the crossbar. The Revs are still one gear away from being at full throttle, and that will happen when Lee breaks out.

Juan Agudelo - 8.75 (April Average: 6.81)

Nick - 9: Took six shots--three on frame, and one into the net--and collected an assist in a superb effort. Outstanding clean-up run onto the far post rewarded Juan with a goal. Also proved his worth in the air, causing all kinds of trouble for the RSL back line. Jake - 8.5: Classic strikers goal following up a shot with a back post run, had the vision to play a wide open Tierney on the opener, with the RSL backline in disarray for most of the game Agudelo capitalized.

Charlie Davies - 8.5 (April Average: 6.75)

Nick - 8.5: Feels like the 2014 playoffs, doesn't it? Hardest working player on the field right out of the chute, and it paid off. Held up with absolute class and scored an athletic header in the first half; had the pulse off the match from start to finish. Abbreviated shift tempered his score just a bit. Jake - 8.5: The three-headed monster up front was keyed by Davies, who again was stellar in the hold-up play and also got to attack the RSL back line deep in the attacking third, setting up three chances, not including the initial shot that led to Agudelo's goal.


Diego Fagundez - 6.5 (April Average: 6.83)

Nick - 6.5: Made an immediate impact on the match, even though his team had clearly run away with the win. Took two shots--both on target--and looked strong over the ball. Diego has served as a luxury sub over the past several weeks. Jake - 6.5: With the game out of hand, Diego pretty much had his way down the left flank for thirty minutes putting two shots on goal. Clearly seems to be out of the rut he found midway through 2014.

Kelyn Rowe - 6.5 (April Average: 5.93)

Nick - 6.5: Had a short period to make himself known and took advantage. Connected on 92.9% of his passes and never took his foot off the gas pedal, much like his attacking 'mates. Jake - 6.5: He'll get the assist on Caldwell's goal to go along with a steady shift off the bench.

Steve Neumann - 6 (April Average: 6)

Nick - 6: Tough to leave a mark on the match in just 11 minutes, but Neumann found his way into dangerous positions. Had a great opportunity to bag his first career goal but ran into tidy goalkeeping. Connected on every pass. Jake - 6: Absolutely robbed at point blank range by Attinella right before Caldwell's goal, and if there's any Revs player that deserves an MLS goal more than Scotty it's Neumann at this point. Wish he got more than 10-plus minutes most nights.

BONUS: Jeff Attinella, RSL Goalkeeper - 9

Jake - 9: If you could lose 4-0 and still be man of the match, then you had an absolutely epic game in goal. The scoreline accurately reflects New England's dominance on this game but it could have been much worse had it not been for Attinella's 9, yes NINE, saves--half of which were spectacular, including robberies of Fagundez and Neumann at close range.