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Revolution 2-1 Earthquakes: Player Ratings and Man of the Match

The floodgates finally opened for Kelyn Rowe and the Revolution. We break down all 13 players who made an appearance, from Darrius Barnes to Sean Okoli.

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Andrew Farrell found his groove, Kelyn Rowe returned to form, Chris Tierney continued to provide outstanding service and the Revolution topped Chris Wondolowski and the San Jose Earthquakes, 2-1. Who deserves Man of the match honors? Vote below.

Rating Scale: 1.0 Goat → 10.0 Golden Boy


Bobby Shuttleworth - 7.5 (March Average: 6.94)

Nick - 8: Another strong match between the pipes. Many goalkeepers struggle to stay alert when they see little action, but Bobby has consistently stood tall for the full 90. Jake - 7: Didn't have a lot to do for most of the match, but had to be strong in the closing minutes as San Jose pushed for the equalizer. Made two of his three saves in the final ten minutes plus stoppage time.

Chris Tierney - 8.5 (March Average: 6.81)

Nick - 8.5: Ah, the service. Set up Rowe's second goal and slowed down San Jose's attack down the right channel. Also played a brilliant ball into Charlie Davies that could have resulted in a third Revolution goal. Jake - 8.5: Yes, the service numbers are staggering: 77% passing overall, 5/8 on crosses, 5 Key Passes and a secondary assist from the set piece that led to Rowe's second goal. But the three interceptions and three tackles defensive are just as impressive.

Jose Goncalves - 7.25 (March Average: 4.58)

Nick - 7.5: Undoubtedly his best performance of the season. Heady defending throughout and, as an extra treat, pushed forward to create a promising goal-scoring opportunity. Jake - 7: The high pressure style the Revs displayed fits right into Jose's style as the backline as a whole practically shutdown the San Jose offense for 80 minutes. I'd like to see fewer long balls and a higher passing percentage, but with defensive stats like 5 tackles and 5 interceptions I'll live.

Andrew Farrell - 7.25 (March Average: 4.89)

Nick - 7.5: Seems to have settled into the center back role. Still not his best passing night (65.6%) but made a handful of big-time tackles. Jake - 7: Not as many tackles as his center back partner, but Farrell was just as solid and did help get the ball down the right flank when the Revs (rarely) decided to attack down that side.

Darrius Barnes - 7.25 (March Average: 6.92)

Nick - 7.5: Very active in diminishing San Jose's effectiveness on the flank. Absolutely gritty header set up game-changing second goal. Along the back line, only Chris Tierney connected on more than 66% of his passes; Barnes (64.3%) would benefit from tidier distribution. Jake - 7: He'll never have the same attacking impact that Tierney has, but he was stellar in pinning the Quakes in their own half with the high pressure. Also got into the box for the primary assist on Rowe's second. Doesn't matter where he lines up on the back line, he's always solid.

Scott Caldwell - 6 (March Average: 6.13)

Nick - 7: A near-flawless performance from Scotty. Strong, physical defending helped the Revs win the midfield battle. Man of the Match candidate had he not surrendered a second-half PK. Jake - 5: Scotty, I love what you've done in the first four games of this year--you're aggressive and flying around on defense. With that said, you can't give away a silly penalty to Goodson with his back to goal. Only blemish on a solid month, though.

Daigo Kobayashi - 7.25 (March Average: 5.81)

Nick - 7.5: Outstanding passing night (92.9%) coupled with creativity over the ball helped Daigo turn in another strong shift. Disappeared during prolonged stretches, but ultimately kept the attack moving forward. Jake - 7: He's so sneaky good and efficient, you have to remember that it was his interception that started the Revs counter that led to Rowe's opener. He's also inherited Caldwell's ridiculous 2014 passing percentage.

Kelyn Rowe - 9 (March Average: 5.75)

Nick - 9: Finally, finally broke through. Scored a pair of scrappy goals and set-up a number of dangerous opportunities. Commanded the flank from start to finish. Lead all players with 7 total shots (5 on frame). Jake - 9: The two goals are individually not that spectacular, but they were the exact type of scrappy goals the Revs need to create and after three goalless games; exactly what the team needed as a whole to breakthrough on a rough start to the year.

Lee Nguyen - 6.25 (March Average: 5.75)

Nick - 6.5: Appears to have regained his form. Showed flashes of brilliance over the ball, but may have dribbled just a bit too much. Jake - 6: He doesn't look all the way back to his 2014 self, and seemed shy to shoot at times or took extra touches and got closed down. That said, he's still respected well by opposing defenses as he sucked in the Quakes backline leaving Rowe wide open at the top of the box on the opener.

Juan Agudelo - 5.75 (March Average: 4.81)

Nick - 5.5: Juan has looked more comfortable up top than out wide, in my opinion. Made a handful of strong runs down the left flank, and won a a number of aerial duels, but failed to consistently impact the match. Jake - 6: Seemed to get lost when switching with Rowe all the time on the flanks but it was Rowe who was able to take advantage of the mismatch and positioning. Agudelo never shies away from tracking back on defense.

Charlie Davies - 6.25 (March Average: 5.33)

Nick - 6.5: Read the San Jose back line well and put himself in numerous positions to find the back of the net. Could have (and maybe should have) converted one of his chances, but a strong hold-up performance nonetheless. Jake - 6: The hold up play was usually very close to the Quakes box but it didn't seem to lead to a lot of danger, for the most part. Still an improvement, showing just how effective the Revs high pressure was to get Davies in good positions even if a few strong touches let him down at the end.


Steve Neumann - 5.5 (March Average: 4.63)

Nick - 5: Quiet shift for the supersub. Joined the attack but only connected on 50% of his passes. Jake - 6: Thought he had his first MLS goal but like so many chances the Revs had in the second half a heavy touch let him down.

Sean Okoli - 7.5 (March Average: 5.75)

Nick - 8: Seems like a stretch to give Okoli such a high score for an abbreviated showing, but the guy came in and did his job. Possessed the ball well, earned a crucial corner and drew a key foul in the final moments. Jake - 7: I am going to really enjoy watching Okoli come on for Teal Bunbury late in games if he's flying around the field like he was on Saturday, trying to get involved in any way possible.