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Revolution Stadium Plans Advanced by Boston Olympic Bid

The Revolution are interested in a stadium at Widett Circle, but so is the Olympic Committee. It would appear that pressure from Boston 2024 has the Krafts moving faster on the stadium front.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Kraft Group has pushed ahead negotiations on a soccer-specific stadium for the New England Revolution at Widett Circle in South Boston, according to the Boston Business Journal.

Journal reporter Mary Moore has cited anonymous sources who are "familiar with [the Krafts'] thinking." Apparently, the Boston 2024 bid and proposed plans for a temporary Olympic stadium in the same area has accelerated the timeline for the Krafts to get something done on the stadium front.

Moore is reporting this from the Olympic perspective, implying that the Krafts' plans may complicate any attempts to build infrastructure in that area for the Olympics, though she does point out that the property could likely support both, in terms of space.

On the other hand, she also points out that Olympic development in the area could leave the Revs waiting years for a new stadium, which would certainly leave fans upset.

San Jose became the latest MLS team to make its home in a soccer-specific stadium when it opened the gates at Avaya Stadium just last week. That leaves New England in an increasingly-small group of clubs in the league without their own soccer-specific homes.

Widett circle is the South Boston location speculated a few months back when pictures from design firm Populous were leaked. It has red line train access nearby and would put the Revolution as close as they may ever get to the heart of Boston.

Moore also reported that the Krafts are looking for a smaller site with city-owned land involved. This sort of public-private partnership was not unexpected.

The good news for Revolution fans is that this seems to indicate that the Krafts are not only serious about building a stadium, but they're serious about pushing it through as soon as possible. Predictably, the Krafts have refused to comment on the subject, but this is encouraging.