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Revs 0-0 Impact: Player Ratings and Man of the Match

Another day, another scoreless match. We break down the Revs' week three performance from top to bottom.

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Although the Revolution failed to find the back of the net for the third consecutive match, the club benefited from tighter play along the back line, turning in their tidiest performance to date. We comment on all 13 players who made an appearance, from Bobby Shuttleworth to Steve Neumann.

Rating Scale: 1.0 Goat → 10.0 Golden Boy


Bobby Shuttleworth - 7.5 (March Average: 6.25)

Nick - 8: Another strong shift for Bobby. Wasn't tested often, but his concentration never faltered. Late-match stop preserved the Revs' first point of the season. Jake - 7: Didn't have to do much with only two saves--and Impact attackers dropping like flies during the game--but it's clear that even through three games, Bobby has kept his form dating back to last season's playoff push.

Chris Tierney - 7 (March Average: 6.5)

Nick - 7: Though his service looked more dangerous in the NYCFC match, Tierney served up a number of promising chances. Defensively, he stifled a speedy Montreal attack—and forced the club top target Jeremy Hall in the second frame. Jake - 7: Still the only player on the field capable of hitting a cross or a good set piece besides Lee's just a shame that only rarely does someone get on the end of his efforts down the left flank.

Darrius Barnes - 7.75 (March Average: 6.75)

Nick - 7.5: Physical, assertive match out of the back. Tidy passing and strong aerial play helped the Revs clean up a sloppy defensive start to the season. Jake - 8: The exact type of game the Revs needed without their captain. Barnes filled in more than admirably for the suspended Goncalves and clearly cemented his value as a utility defender with this club. That performance will keep his name in the conversation for starting center back if Farrell continues to struggle while partnered with Goncalves.

Andrew Farrell - 7 (March Average: 4.08)

Nick - 7: Cleanest match of the season, without question. Efficient passing night (86%) coupled with strong 1v1 defending enabled Farrell to experience a promising bounce-back performance. Jake - 7: Clearly Farrell's best game of the year and his passing numbers overall were much improved from his early games this year. Still needs to get more accurate going over the top. Nearly had the winner late only to see his shot blocked inside the box.

Jeremy Hall - 7 (March Average: 7)

Nick - 8: Strongest defender on the field—and it showed. Excellent recovery speed, stingy 1v1 defending and aggressive play over the ball may help Hall earn a second consecutive start. Jake - 6: This rating is not a knock on Hall--I thought he was excellent in his Revs debut. If only his teammates thought of passing it to him on the overlap on the numerous occasions he was open he might had more opportunities to send in a few crosses that didn't stink.

Daigo Kobayashi - 6.75 (March Average: 5.33)

Nick - 6.5: Put together sequences of inventive passes, but struggled to make a difference in the final third. Another efficient performance, at the very least. Jake - 7: Doesn't have the defensive prowess of a Jermaine Jones (though he racked up 8 recoveries) but he's so quietly efficient with the ball it's staggering to look at his numbers next to Caldwell. That efficiency sadly just doesn't translate into the aggressive attack the Revs need right now.

Scott Caldwell - 8.25 (March Average: 6.12)

Nick - 8.5: Outstanding performance. Clogged up the middle with physicality and connected on 90% of his passes—all while turning in a tireless shift defensively. Man of the Match candidate. Jake - 8: There's a reason Jermaine Jones raves about this kid--he's everywhere right now. Final third problems aside, the midfield is really going to shine if Caldwell keeps this up.

Kelyn Rowe - 5 (March Average: 4.67)

Nick - 5: May lose his job when Bunbury returns. Consistently struggling to capitalize on opportunities; wasted a golden free kick from close range. Jake - 5: If there was a disappointing player for the Revs, it was probably Rowe. Not entirely his fault either, but never found the game and was subbed off right after the red card to bring on Davies in what was a good attacking sub from Heaps.

Lee Nguyen - 6 (March Average: 5.5)

Nick - 6: Hasn't quite found his form. Creative in the attacking third, though needs to develop more goal-scoring opportunities. Unusually poor passing night (66%). Jake - 6: Doesn't seem all the way back yet but probably had the best chance at goal when he flew a header over the bar in the second half.

Diego Fagundez - 5.75 (March Average: 4.58)

Nick - 5.5: Seems frustrated in the early stages of 2015. Often puts himself in strong positions to impact the match and then disappears. Needs more quality touches in the tacking third. Jake - 6: Had a few good looks at goal but overall just didn't seem as dangerous on the ball deep in the attacking third. Needs to just center the ball every now and again instead of cutting back or holding up the play.

Juan Agudelo - 6 (March Average: 4.33)

Nick - 6.5: Gradually returning to form. Couldn't quite find his touch when he needed it most, but held up well and created a handful of chances with clever play over the ball. Jake - 5.5: Not his day up top, but his quick stint as the target winger on the right was really effective and it might be something we see more off as Teal Bunbury works back from his shoulder injury. Bonus points for forcing Camara into the red card, but zero shots attempted is a dreadful stat.


Charlie Davies - 5.25 (March Average: 4.88)

Nick - 5.5: Made dangerous runs into the box but failed to convert his only opportunity. Looked far more dangerous with Agudelo on the pitch. Jake - 5: Certainly got more advanced looks than Agudelo did late in the game, and should've drawn a penalty in the closing minutes, but otherwise a mostly uneventful shift.

Steve Neumann - N/A (March Average: 3.75)

Jake: Can't give him a score for 7+ minutes. That said, he had two pass attempts in the Impact 18 out of maybe ten for the Revs as a team and it was his header that set up Farrell's near game-winner.