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Here's what we think Jermaine Jones is worth

What should the Revs offer Jermaine Jones?

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Contract negotiations are generally private affairs that happen behind closed doors. Jermaine Jones ignored this nomenclature on Friday when he took to Twitter to voice his displeasure about the New England Revolution's offer.

Through we don't know the accuracy of Jones' tweet, we do know that he had a base salary of $2,800,000 and a guaranteed compensation of $3,052,500 in 2015. This, of course, begs the question: How much should the Revs be offering Jones?

Jon: Nothing

Given Jones' injuries and age, it's time for the Revs to go young in the center of the park. This isn't a slight towards Jones in any fashion, especially with how much he's done for the club on and off the field since his signing. However, it's time to recognize a great thing happened in New England and move on. It's best for both parties involved - the front office can look elsewhere and Jones gets to find one final big pay day.

Seth: $1 million per year for three years

As a 34-year-old who's coming off an injury-plagued season, Jones has to expect a pay cut. Lowering his salary by two-thirds might seem harsh, especially since he's a franchise player, but a three-year guarantee should help ease any bad feelings. This gives Jones the stability he needs to relocate his family, an important factor for this dedicated father/husband. Meanwhile, the Revs get to keep an important piece at a discounted price.

Jake: At least $5 Million over three years

This is sort of the number I have in my head as a minimum. I think Jones wants years slightly more than he wants money. I'm sure there's a way for the Revs to have Jones' salary front loaded, so that when the third and final year of his contract comes around it might be in range to be bought down with TAM. I wouldn't even be upset if there was an option for a fourth year in the $1 million dollar range, but at a minimum this contract should take Jones through the next World Cup cycle. Whether or he's still with the USMNT almost depends on how healthy he stays and if he can still be productive on the international level. There's no denying the Revs are a vastly better team with Jones on the field, even if his output last year was hampered by injuries and spending a lot of time as a centerback.

Abram: : Who knows? Whatever amount of years that makes logical sense in this illogical league

The biggest issue I have with MLS is transparency. Sure, we get numbers from the Players Union, but is the Players Union even good at being honest about salaries? The truth is, Jermaibe Jones is worth more than Ozzy Alonso made last year, but probably should not get Dax McCarty or Kyle Beckman money based on all variables that should be taken into account (ie international call ups and time missed for stupid suspensions). That said, McCarty ($262k) Beckerman ($700k), and Alonso ($789K) all have salaries that run inverse of what I personally believe they should earn based on the values they have for their team and quality if their play over the last two years. Shoot, I'd argue Tony Tchani ($195K) may be more important and be playing a similar position better than either Alonso, Beckerman, Jones, or McCarty. Basically, salaries speculation is dumb, but Jones should be paid some amount base on whatever MLS bases salaries, but who really knows -or can understand- how much and why?