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Revolution Transfers 2015: 5 MLS veterans that the Revolution could nab

Should the Revs be shopping within MLS?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 MLS season isn’t even over and yet there’s already plenty of transfer rumors. If the talk is true, several league veterans could be looking for a new team. Who, if anyone, should the New England Revolution be interested in? Let's take a look.

Omar Gonzalez

Biography: Gonzalez was selected 3rd overall by the LA Galaxy in the 2009 SuperDraft. Since then he has collected several accolades, including Rookie of the Year, Defender of the Year, and four MLS Best XI’s (2010, 2011, 2013, 2014). Despite being a staple for the Galaxy and a regular for the US Men’s National Team, Gonzalez’s high salary might force an off-season move.

Revolution’s interest level (1-10): 8

If the Revs part ways with Jose Goncalves, a decision that could go either way at this point, adding a starting centerback will be a must. At 27 years old, Gonzalez would be a smart pickup as he would form an intimating partnership with Andrew Farrell. Plus, Gonzalez is a pretty entertaining player.

Will Johnson

Biography: A steady and reliable figure in the center of the park, Johnson isn’t likely to capture a lot of headlines. Drafted by the Chicago Fire in 2005, Johnson spent time abroad before becoming a major contributor for both Real Salt Lake and the Portland Timbers. His best season to date came in 2013 when he offered nine goals and five assists. A lengthy stint on the injury report could lead to transfer.

Revolution’s interest level (1-10): 7

Johnson can’t match the marketability of Jermaine Jones, but he is a solid player. The midfielder has served as captain for both the Timbers and Canadian National Team. He’s also a nuisance on the field. Johnson is a determined and feisty individual, which is something that head coach Jay Heaps greatly values.

Osvaldo Alonso

Biography: A gritty and tenacious defensive midfielder, Alonso has made every USMNT fan wonder "what if" after watching his play with the Seattle Sounders. Since relocating to the Northwest in 2009, Alonso has been nothing short of elite, even being named as team MVP by his teammates for four consecutive years. However, an injury-laden 2015 could spell the end of Alonso in the Emerald City.

Revolution’s interest level (1-10): 6

It’s hard to know where Alonso stands health-wise. The Cuban fought various ailments in 2015, including both groin and hamstring injuries. If he’s fully healthy, the Revs should grab him. If there's any doubts then the team should pass. The stress of an oft-injured player simply isn’t worth it.

Brad Davis

Biography: Davis played for three MLS teams before settling in with the Houston Dynamo. Here, he has left his mark as one of the best dead-ball specialists in the league. His most impressive season came in 2011 when he lead MLS in assists and was consequently named as a finalist for the league MVP Award. The World Cup veteran is now 34 years old, which has created questions about his future.

Revolution’s interest level (1-10): 3

Don’t get me wrong, Davis is a great player, but he would be a luxury for the Revs. The team already employs Chris Tierney, one of the best free-kick takers in the league. Plus, the Revolution have a wealth of midfield talent. Davis’ crossing ability would likely go to waste on a team that likes quick, short passes.

Jermaine Jones

Biography: A known commodity to the Revs whose future is uncertain. Jones’ first few months with the Revs were sensational (2 goals and four assists in 10 appearances). His first full season was less than that (0 goals and 0 assists in 18 appearances). There’s no question that Jones can still contribute to a team, but is that team the Revs?

Revolution’s interest level (1-10): 5

Jones is a good player, fearless leaders, and model marketing tool. That said, his time in New England is probably over. The USMNT midfielder wants a long-term contract and it’s hard to see the Revs giving it to him after an injury-marred season. That said, a return could be in the cards if the right situation presents itself.