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Fan creates Revolution jersey mock-ups based on state flags

A Revs fan has some ideas about a third kit for the Revs.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

We are one year into a New England Revolution jersey designed to mirror the region's flag. The red, white, and green shirt has drawn positive reviews throughout the league. With this in mind, could a series of third kits based on state flags work? One fan thinks so.

Devout fan Jason Christley has created a series of shirt mock-ups, each one designed to look like a New England state flag. The end result is a collection that highlights the uniqueness of the region.

Christley, who first posted the shirts on his website, promotes that idea of hosting a "State Night" at home games, "where each state is in the spotlight – from dignitaries (anthem singer, etc) to sponsors and special groups at the game." The jerseys would be part of the celebration and could be auctioned off to benefit the New England Revolution Charitable Foundation.

Christley decided to incorporate history when creating the goalkeeper jersey. The end result, a dark green kit, is an homage to the Fall River Marksman.

What do you think of the shirts? Do you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.