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What’s your favorite Revolution vs. Crew moment?

Join the conversation in this week’s open thread.

Taylor Twellman dribbles Photo by Mark Lyons/Getty Images

The first-ever meeting between the Revolution and Crew—staged on May 11, 1996—ended with thousands of Columbus fans storming the field. Thanks to the play of superstar Brian McBride, The Black & Gold overcome an early deficit to run away with a 3-2 win.

Since then, the two sides have played 74 matches, each filled with its own moments of drama.

But over the past week, Crew supporters haven’t concerned themselves with on-field theatrics. Instead, fans have rallied around a club that’s on the verge of relocating 1,200 miles south to Austin, Texas (if you haven’t followed the story, Crew owner Anthony Precourt has plans to move the original MLS franchise if it cannot secure a new stadium in downtown Columbus).

As Ohians unite with people from around the country to save the Crew, we thought it would be a great time to head down memory lane.

What’s your favorite Revolution vs. Crew moment?

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